Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An oasis of tranquility

A positive comment from a person new to Simplicity Blog always re-energises me to write some more …… so thanks a lot Ralph!

Some of my rants are blunt and fired straight from the hip without too much thought but I want to share a calmer, more reflective few words.

Today Annie and I performed a 6 minute drama sketch to a group of older folks in a residential home for people with dementia.

It was just magical and an absolute delight to be a small part of.

When we arrived the folks were talking, seemingly across each other, some were wandering around apparently aimlessly and confused. It was pretty clear some of these mature men and women are in the advanced stage of dementia.

AND YET ……..

During our very simple bit of drama there was just a fantastic 30 to 60 second ‘window’ when one could have heard a pin drop …. Such was the attention given to us by our audience. They were totally with us and engaged.

I just don’t have the vocabulary to describe in words what a kick that gave us both. It was as if they found an oasis of reality, solitude and tranquillity in their seemingly, chaotically ordered lives.

It made me ..... yet again ..... realise that generalisations about illness or condition are completely unhelpful and totally unfair. We have to look at individual circumstances and rest assured there can always be great joy, hope and understanding ..... however difficult that may appear at first glance.

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