Friday, February 25, 2011

Tom Peters - More Simple Wisdom from the Master!

Tom Peters has been the greatest influence on my management and leadership thinking since I read his first book the classic best seller “In Search of Excellence” way back in 1983 – WOW!! -was it really 28 years ago???!!!!

Tom just gets better with age. This 3 minute video is his latest piece of pure wisdom about how to improve communications between teams in organisations.

Is it about the latest cutting edge technology based software system? …. Nope

Is it about sending all your employees on expensive communications workshops? …. Nope

Aha … It has to be about great leadership – Yes? …. Nope

You might be surprised with Tom’s simple solution.

Well said Tom – Unsurprisingly I’m with you 100%


JOHN O'LEARY said...

I thought that fella looked familiar. Yup, words of wisdom.

But getting to know one another at lunch is also good for finding out about each other's work — and the trials and tribulations thereof. Many folks in an organization have zero idea about how their job - and how effectively they perform it - radically affects the work life (and sanity) of someone else in their organization, whom they've never gotten to know or empathize with. The entire workforce SHOULD be educated in how the organization as a whole works (e.g. who are your internal "suppliers" and "customers," what are the roles within each department, etc. — so everyone knows how his/her effort affects everyone else) but this rarely happens.

Trevor Gay said...

Tom’s insights get better with age don’t you think?

The informal network of talking to each other over lunch or over tea or coffee is far more effective than any formal communication system in my experience. If you want something to ‘get round’ the company I say use the informal. It will disprove the theory that nothing travels faster than the speed of light.

Cheers John

Unknown said...


Tom is to EXCELLENCE what James Brown is to soul music...The Godfather! His words easily can be translated to results where it matters the most...on the front line of any organization. Simple makes sense!

Trevor Gay said...

No disagreement here Dave :-)