Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Simplicity Blog - The End

After five and a half years I’ve decided to suspend my precious Simplicity Blog. Right now and for the foreseeable future I’m simply too busy to dedicate the time that Simplicity Blog deserves.

I’ve always taken great pride in writing (hopefully) interesting and regular postings and I just can’t stand the thought of staggering along with rare postings every few weeks. That just doesn't fit the image of Simplicity Blog because I’ve always loved our dynamic discussions. I think it has provided interest and - dare I suggest - even entertainment for readers.

It has been an absolute pleasure for me to write a total of 1071 posts to my Simplicity Blog since January 2005 and from links I’ve made through comments I now have long standing friendships with many people from all over the world.

Always keep it simple my friends -
Bye for now!


CCz said...

Hope you keep the twitter account

Trevor Gay said...

I will Carlos - although I'm only an intermittment user of Twitter

Joel D Canfield said...

Focus requires exclusion.

I'm nearly at this point myself.

Delighted we'll have other projects to share, but, still, this has to have been a tough decision and I applaud your being true to yourself.

Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Joel - I don't want my blog to end up looking like a scene from one of those Westerns in the Black and White movies where the wind sweeps through the deserted street, blowing open the saloon bar doors and cactus branches blowing down the street. A desolate sight.

Stop while it’s in good shape is my view – some things have to give.

Thanks for your support my friend.

Dick Field said...

Congratulations on the great run, my friend. I value our friendship that developed through your blog. I trust "too busy" is a good thing. Best wishes for the road ahead.

-- Dick

Unknown said...

Bravo, Trevor, for making the bold decision. Nothing lasts forever, right?

Your blog has been a real blessing & a treasure and I look forward to seeing what comes next for Trevor, Inc!

Richard Lipscombe said...


It is interesting that today the future of work is obvious but not yet very well distributed.

The future world of work is Simplicity. It is a place where the front line staff have sway. It is a place where managers are becoming redundant.

This new workplace is based on collaboration not specialization. It is all about collaboration - between staff, between staff and customers, between staff and innovators. This workspace is not managed but facilitated. It is full of networks not silos. It is both virtual (conducted online) and tangible (conducted onsite).

The leadership role is still important but not in the same way it has been in the command and control organisations of the past. Leadership is confined to groups. Leaders are popping up like mushrooms after the rain. They are first and foremost facilitators of the group process but then they become purpose-driven leaders.

So the world has moved on and much of what you have advocated here Trevor has or will come to pass. But it will be enacted in a new guise. It will be played out in networked organisational form that integrates the talent of staff and customers, has both a virtual and a tangible element to it, and uses many of the new relationship building techniques (seen on facebook, twitter, etc) to create global or local brands.

So you leave Simplicity in good shape my friend as the world of work moves on to a more democratic footing.

Cheers, Richard.

dave wheeler said...


"Always keep it simple my friends - Bye for now!"...the for now piece of that sentence is a great thing.

Looking forward to resuming "our" conversations here at some point in the future!

J.KANNAN said...

Hi Trevor,
There is good old saying and belief that "All good things have to come to an end" and it has come now.

I was personally thinking that you will raise the simplicity blog curtain up and up and contrary to my desire and wish you have rolled it down to read "The End" to make me believe that the show is over for the present.

It was extremely interesting and enjoyable to interact with one and all in the simplicity forum and thereby gain more wisdom and knowledge and I thank you and all my simplicity collegues to their valuable contribution during my interactive comments in the forum.

Wish you and Annie all the very best and stay in touch.

With Love & regards.


Mark JF said...

Thanks for your hard work on the site and for stimulating some great debate - and hopefully (definitely, in my case) - follow-up action. Good luck for the future.

Unknown said...

Hi Trevor,

I've not commented on Simplicity for many a long month for a variety of reasons. Of course, I always intended to come back but now it's too late!

Being a blog editor and main writer I understand the pressures of trying to churn out fresh thoughts when there are so many other activities calling for our time.

Good luck with your other projects and I hope you'll still have time to fit in the occasional lunch.


Trevor Gay said...

Great comments everyone – appreciated. You are all wonderful and it feels like you are part of my extended family! I've always believed in the 'never-say-never' philosophy so who knows ... but for now just 'thanks and bye for now.' Believe me - you have all educated me. Simplicity Blog has been one of the most creative and enjoyable methods of personal development I've come across in my career.

JOHN O'LEARY said...

Trevor, thanks for creating a wonderful community in the cyber-ether! I'm certain that whatever you do in the future, you will be inspiring others in the praxis of simplicity.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks John - maybe one day I'll reach the giddy heights you achieved my friend :-)

JOHN O'LEARY said...

Unlikely, Trevor. We had the good drugs in the 60s.

Trevor Gay said...

Like it John :-)

JOHN O'LEARY said...

Trevor, maybe you could consider suspending the Comment option, and just post once a month or so. Hearing from you occasionally on simplicity matters would be better than nothing, and it wouldn't require daily or even weekly caretaking on your part. Just a thought...

Trevor Gay said...

I will ponder that John - thanks for the suggestion my friend.

J.KANNAN said...

Hi Trevor,
Good morning,

I too agree with John's suggesions and hope Trevor will concede to our suggestions.

Trevor Gay said...

Cheers JK - I will definitely bear it in mind. Hope you are feeling well and fully recovered now my friend.

CelinaMac said...

Just dropped by your blog tonight and was sad to read this post.

I just found your blog last May but I am still grateful that other blogs were able to lead me to it and gave me a chance to learn from your post and the comments of your friends.

Goodluck with your next projects and see you in the blogosphere again in a few years!

Scott Peters said...


I have been buried in opening new doors, closing others, and getting on with what's, faith, and friends. I'm sorry to see that you will be suspending the posts, but I can totally understand based on a changing world and new endeavors.

I very much value you as a mentor and friend. Here is my email address as I'd love to stay in touch:

I have written 80 pages of a new book...I plan on sending you a copy electronically or in a more traditional format by the end of the year. I've moved over to fiction and one of the characters' names is, believe it or not, Trevor (inspired by you).

Stay in touch my friend and keep it simple.

When life hands you lemons, demand some tequila and a salt shaker! :)

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Celina - appreciate your support - who knows - one day maybe I'll recommence my blogging activity! - Good luck.

Trevor Gay said...

Hey Scott - good to hear from you my friend and good luck with the book. We are 'mutual mentors' methinks!!

barbara said...

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JOHN O'LEARY said...

Ok, Trev, it's time to come out of hibernation. Otherwise, the spammers (note previous comment) will take over the ship. Don't you love how complimentary they are? "This is fantastic information for blog."

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks John - hibernation almost over my friend - I love spammers!