Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Greetings & Best Wishes for 2010 For All My Beloved Simplicity Friends.

I received this message this morning from JK - our dear friend and regular Simplicity contributor - thank you Sir!

"My Dear Trevor, Annie and one and all in the Trever's Simplicity Forum,

Wishing each and every one of you and your family a Very Happy, prosperous, peaceful,purpose filled and contended New Year 2010.

May Almighty The Supreme continue to shower his Grace and Blessings on each and every one of you and and your family members through out 2010 and bring Happiness and Brightness in your life & work.

With abundance of Love, Reverence & Regards to you all my friends.

Yours in Simplicity Friendship.



Marilyn Jess said...


So wonderful to receive your greeting. May you and yours be blessed in the New Year.

Simplicity friends, Cheers!

J.KANNAN said...

My Dear Merilyn,

Good Morning,

Thank you very much for your spontaneous receprocation.

May Lord Jesus continue to Bless & Grace you and your family always.

With Love & Regards.


Dave Wheeler said...

Mr. Kannan,

I too would like to wish you the very best in the New Year. May it be a year of peace, prosperity, and enjoyed in good health by you and your family!


Thank you for the continued support, encouragement and friendship! You are terrific my friend! And here's hoping Annie's Virtual Hair Salon finally receives the recognition and accolades she so richly deserves!
A very talented and special lady she is indeed! Here's hoping the next year is your best one yet!

J.KANNAN said...

Dear Dave,
Thank you very much for your New Year greetings,it did touch my heart and I felt like"ON TOP OF THE WORLD"

About Annie & Trevor you said it absolutely right. Trevor is indeed lucky to posses. Annie, the most talented and special Lady(as already referred to by you) as his Life Time Partner-Great indeed.........(Like Owner's Pride and neighbour's Envy)

Have a Gala and Great New Year celebrations.

With Love & regards.


Trevor Gay said...

Dave - rest assured your support and friendship is important to me - here's to more of the same in 2010.

You and JK are soooooooo right in all you say about Annie .... If the busy 'Virtual Hair Salon' allows her some time today I'm sure she will respond later to both you and JK and your kind words.

Scott Peters said...


Always great to read your posts!


A big thank you for 2009 and the support of Simplicity. Much like you, I've been busy with career changes and new opportunities. Your support of Race for Carers and people looking for common sense management and frontline support is wonderful!

To You Both,

Happy New Year and I ditto the previous thoughts and posts. The Simplicity Blog continues to be, and become, more relevant as the world finds disaster in complexity and overthinking.

Cheers to Simplicity and all contributors.

J.KANNAN said...

Dear Scott,

It,s always good to hear your great,supportive and encouraging words. Credit goes to all my beloved Simplicity Readers and 'am ever indebited to them.

I am quite confident and sure that "Simplicity will continue with its mission for making a world of difference to the world with its presentation/writings.

I once again "THANK YOU" Scott.

Have a Great, Happy,peaceful,prosperous and joyous New Year 2010. to you and your family.

With Love & Regards


Trevor Gay said...

Good to hear from you Scott and Happy New Year to you and your family. For me the joy of writing about simplicity never diminishes - if only people in management and leadership positions kept things simpler we would all be better off methinks!