Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Simplicity Blog - Happy 1000th Post

This one is a very special posting for me.

This is the 1000th posting I have written on Simplicity Blog and I have responded personally to every comment. We have created a bit of a community.

Simplicity Blog has become an important part of my life.

I would be fascinated to hear your reflections regarding Simplicity Blog – does it still hit the right spots for, at least, some folks?

As for me, I still love writing the Blog and find it a great way to get my views and feelings ‘out there’ about leadership and management.

Thanks to all readers and commenters for your terrific support over the last 999 postings – you are my teachers - and here’s to the next 1000!!!

Best wishes – always keep it simple.

Below is what I wrote in the very early days and I don’t think my views have changed at all in the (almost) five years since I started my Blog.


Post Number 1 on 22 January 2005

I love communicating and blogging is the latest way of doing it.

Isn't it wonderful how we can now share thoughts instantly with like minded people from all over the world about how organisations are led and how things need to change?


Post Number 3 on 24 January

My passion is to dispel the myth of complexity in management and leadership.

After all, complexity is merely the sum of simple parts. Management is not complicated at all ….we just love to make it complicated.

I also love lists.

This is a list of 17 things I believe. Yes 17 is a strange number. There is no mystery or significance in 17 - that is as far as I got!

So here goes .....things I believe with a passion - not in priority order
1. Staff at the front line know all the answers all the time
2. The words “managing people” should be exorcised from the workplace. Nobody “manages” people any more - people manage themselves.
3. If a manager has any job at all in 2005 it is to move heaven and earth to make it easier for front line staff to do neat work
4. Get other people to do bits of your job - they usually do it better than you
5. Management is simple
6. Leadership is not - it is an art form
7. The basics are the new cutting edge
8. I’m not convinced leadership can be taught
9. Give all the budget to front line staff ….yes I did say all the budget
10. Complexity is merely the sum of simple parts
11. Forget MBA think MST (Masters in Story Telling)
12. We are all Chief Executives of our own future
13. “Powerlessness is a state of mind - not a state of reality” Tom Peters
14. I don’t know what “a big organisation” means in 2004
15. I would take a pay cut for some leaders ….I would not follow some leaders if they doubled my wages
16. Our greatest motivation is always from within
17. The older I get the more I like words like “difference” and “diversity” …and the less I like words like “right” and “wrong


Unknown said...

Trevor, what a cool achievement! Your blog doesn't look a day over 740, by the way. :)

In all seriousness, thanks for setting such a strong example of insightful, polite, engaging, worthwhile, thought-provoking and persistent writing. You truly are a shining example of what people can accomplish in this medium.

Best wishes for your next 1,000!

Joel D Canfield said...

I've gone astray and not spent as much time at Trevor's Pub as I once did. Must remedy that.

I hereby promise to be more active during the next THOUSAND posts.

Have I already said "sweet merciful heavens" today? I have? Ah, well.

Dick Field said...

Hello Trevor!

Long time, no post - but congratulations nevertheless on your big milestone! Great chatting and sharing with you in the blogospheric village!

-- Dick

Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Dan - the wrinkles are not showing then :-)

Trevor Gay said...

Joel - you are always most welcome in my virtual pub - especially when you get to Ireland - then there will be no excuse for me not to buy you that pint of Guinness :-)

Trevor Gay said...

Dick - great to hear from you my friend. I trust all is well with little Lucy - she has been a focus of my internet activity for a long time now and rest assured she remains in our prayers on this side of the pond.

Dave Wheeler said...


Relevant, realistic, rational, and I've run out of "R" descriptors! It is indeed a terrific place to talk and learn from a wide variety of interesting and special folks. Great stuff indeed my friend!

Marilyn Jess said...

Happy 1000! Simplicity in all its forms is needed more than ever today. Keep on posting. You've inspired me to do the same.

Rosa Say said...

Ho‘omaika‘i ‘ana – Congratulations Trevor! Just goes to show how much we have to say when we let our passion do the talking. For me, Simplicity could be called "Emotion Across the Pond" for you are so heartfelt and sincere in everything you write.

Your next 1,000 will be even better - I have no doubt, and will read with joy (Even if you still are on Blogger). A lei of aloha today and always!

hucknjim said...


Let me add my congratulations on your 1000th post. I don't always comment, but I always read.

As a front line employee I'd like to add my comment about leadership. The best front line employees are also leaders.

Congratulations again and I'll keep reading.


Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Dave - the learning is mutual my friend ...

Trevor Gay said...

Marilyn - thanks for that and I'm delighted to hear of your continued success in your new world of work - keep up the great work.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Rosa - my learning about blogging and all things 'technological' is from people such as your good self ....

Continued good luck in your brilliant and ground breaking work in the Blogosphere!

Trevor Gay said...

John - hope you are well and thanks for your continmuing support to Simplicity blog.

You are so right about front liners as leaders. My great hero Tony Benn says:

"If you want to find leaders - don't look UP to a platform - just look around you"

Mark JF said...

Well done for persevering and for the community-building. I'd love to hear where you stand on the 17 TIB's and if you'd revise any of them.

As you know, I fundamentally disagree with number 1, which ought to read: "Front liners are like most people and often have some very good ideas amongst the merely OK and the occasional dumb ones. Go talk with them, flush out the good stuff and act on it. And always give credit where credit is due."

JOHN O'LEARY said...

Congrats, Trevor!! You don't look nearly that old. At my present rate of productivity the UK will be underwater from rising seas before I get to 1000 posts. But there's always room for you & Annie in the hills of Massachusetts.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Mark and thanks as always for your continued input and support to Simplicity Blog.

I’ve enjoyed our banter over the years and whilst we don’t always agree we always respect each others views and opinions which is surely what life is all about after all – and it is always civil of course :- )

Fundamentally the 17 are things in principle that I still believe in today.

As regards number 1 – you know I have great faith in front line employees and I still believe they are vastly under-valued in far too many organisations and by far too many managers.

Maybe I might come back a little bit about ‘knowing all the answers all the time’ … maybe you and I can settle for 90% of the time :-)

Where I agree with you totally is that we should ALWAYS give credit to the right people wherever they are in the organisational structure.

Phil S said...

Here's to the next thousand
party on........ Phil

Trevor Gay said...

John - We might just take you up on that offer of free accommodation 'in the hills of Massachusetts.' ...

I could have sworn you said 'free '

Take care my friend - I am very proud of the quality of my 1000 posts but don't worry about numbers ....quality is more important than quantity John :-)

Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Phil - the party will continue as suggested Sir!

Scott Peters said...

It's one thing to have a 1000 blogs, it's another thing to have them relevant and important to leadership, management, and front lines. There are many options out there and I look forward to your blog finding its way into a couple of Top 100 lists for '09.

I have learned a lot from the blog and the Simplicity of your first book. More than anything else, you have wonderful contributors that understand the world of simplicity and management.

Well done and keep 'em coming!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Scott- Thanks for your kind words Sir.

Glad you feel the postings are relevant – it’s always gratifying to know the right spots are being hit for some. I guess we can’t please all the people all the time – who can?

I try to keep postings topical and interesting enough to provoke response.

I am blessed to have so many fabulous regular commenters on my Blog – long may they stay – and of course long may we see new visitors to Simplicity Blog.

I’m pretty sure I will know quickly if the Blog is no longer relevant because people will not visit and certainly will not comment.

The numbers of visitors showing on my monitoring stat counter are steady and rising but one can never be complacent.

Scott Peters said...


Very promising indeed! While I have a blogspot under one of my sites, I prefer it not to be interactive. I've seen great posts from other people, including you, that get it done. I always refer people to other sites, like this one, to have some meaningful dialog.

Maybe many sites would do better to consolidate to one site, like Simplicity. I wouldn't have to dance all over the internet to try and find the latest from others. I pretty much keep my internet dial tuned to you and TP.

Cheers my friend and keep up the good work. Nice to see Spinhead again, enjoy his style.

Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Scott - the joy of my Blog is the 'conversation'- thanks again.

Joel D Canfield said...

@Scott Peters: awwwwww, thanks. One does what one can.

Nick McCormick said...

I'm a little late to the party Trevor, but I did want to make sure I dropped by to congratulate you on your achievement and to thank you for it as well.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Nick - good to hear from you my friend :-)

J.KANNAN said...

My Dear & Beloved Trevor,

" I don't count the words you write in "Simplicity",I count the value it contains and enjoy the essence of it in true spirit and gained a lot."


At the outset kindly accept my heartiest congratulations on your land mark and marvellous achievement of 1000th post in "Simplicity" and 'am sure all friends of "Simplicity" will enjoy and celebrate this Happy occasion in their own way for the benefits gained through "Simplicity".

Its really a heavy task as it is a tonne and your endeavour to achieve this marathon mark should have been much more heavier than what probably one could imagine. You will find your second tonne much faster than the first one-that's what my intuition says.

You are absolutely true and right that you had personally responded to each and every comment, ever since my association with "Simplicity"-this I myself had been observing."Simplicity Blog" has become an important part to me too, in as much as to you, as I have learned quite a lot in quiet, out of your postings and comments from all my friends of "Simplicity".

Varieties of topics,varied interests, unbiased3d opinions and presentations..........(at times bit of difference of opinion while exchanging views- and this is a can't help and inevitable situation) and as a whole " TOP CLASS & HEALTHY" postings,interviews and interactions- Great-Really Great- that's it, all I have to say and these words comes from the bottom of my heart

Trevor, you not only keep keep it "SIMPLE", you keep all of us "SMILE" that's the True and real achievement of "Simplicity".

May Lord Jesus continue to shower his Grace & Blessings on you to continue with your best endeavours at all times so that the 'Simplicity readers and friends continue to stand gained.


With profound regards,


Trevor Gay said...

Hi JK – we have missed your great words of wisdom on Simplicity Blog.

How good it is to see you back here and commenting.

We have quite a community here and you are central to it. I know you have been missed by other readers.

I am hoping you will be able to honour us with your comments now and again although I do know you have other family priorities at the moment.

With warmest thanks – my best regards to you and all your family Sir!

Marilyn Jess said...

Dear JK,

Welcome back to Simplicity. I am glad to read your post. Your bring an insight to issues that is unique, and we need that!


Unknown said...

J.K., it is nice to see you commenting on my friend Trevor's blogs again. He definitely puts his heart and a lot of thought into his blog postings. I haven't had a lot of time to write or comment on them lately, but I still visit and give thought to what he shares.

Hope you are doing well. Again, great to see you back.

Scott Peters said...


Good to have you back to the blog. Well said and the smiles keep coming; you offer such a wonderful, cultural, spiritual element to this blogspot. May God Bless you as well!!!!!

Dave Wheeler said...

Mr. Kannan,

I too would like to say welcome back sir. Your expertise and perspective are invaluable and most appreciated!

J.KANNAN said...

Dear Trevor,

Thank you for your kind words of support,encouragement and inspiration.The only reason that I was silent for a while was due to pre-occupation with priority
family commitments as you are aware that Vijayalakshmi was seriuosly laid up in ICCU in a hospital. The prayers of all my Simplicity friends at that critical moment did miracle and she is far better now.

I shall be in contact with all my Simplicity friends.

With profond Love & regards.


Dear Merilyn,

Thank you for your magnanimity of words of praise,motivation,inspiration and encouragement. I shall continue to do my best for my beloved friend Trevor and all "Simplicity" friends. Words are merely inadequate to express the feelings of happiness and the state of mind that I enjoy from the fine words of you and my beloved friends of Simplicity forum.

May God continue to Grace & Bless you and your family Merilyn.

With profond Love and Best regards.


Dear Dangunter,

Thank you very much for your beautiful words of support, encouragement and inspiration, and more so of your concern towards my well-being.

May Jesus continue to shower his Grace & Blessings to you and your family and one and all in the simplicity forum.

I thank you once again Dan and we will be in contact.

With profond Love & Best regards.


Dear Scott Peters,

Great words of expression of welcome back and I abundantly thank you for your precious words of support,inspiration and encouragement. I am only doing whatever little possible by way of expressing my impression to all my beloved friend of Simplicity being lead and guided by our beloved friend Trevor.

Wonderful,cultural and spiritual element in expressions is made possible only with Grace and Blessings of the God the Supreme and good wishes and prayers of all my beloved friends in the simplicity forum- In that way I am Blessed one.

Scott, I immensely thank you for your divine words of support and inspiration that makes me involve more and more with all my Simplicity friends.

With profond Love & best regards.


J.KANNAN said...

Dear Dave,
Thank you very much for your kind and great words of welcome back- I am indeed touched with your fine words. I am a person by nature would like to do whatever is possible that shall benefit and make happy, my friends and acquaintances and 'am at it We shall continue to be in contact.

May God continue to Bless you and you family.

With profond Love and Best Regards.


Trevor Gay said...

JK - Brilliant words as always

And sincere thanks to Dave, Marilyn, Dan and Scott - makes me feel very proud to host this conversation on Simplicity Blog.

Scott Peters said...


My pleasure...I'm just glad you're posting again. I look forward to hearing more. I envy your genuine nature, spiritual findings, and blogs; I always learn just as much from your nature as I do your writings. I have more to learn; keep 'em coming.

J.KANNAN said...

Dear Scott Peters,

I am indeed overwhelmed with your fine and genuine thoughts and words. I shall continue to endeavour my best with comments on Simplicity postings....................well its all just because of all my friends of Simplicity who kindle my thoughts in a finer and subtle way with their interactions and that being the sole reason I am indebited to one and all more so to Trevor..

Thank you once again Scott.

May Jesus be with you to continue to Grace & Bless you and all your near and dear ones.



Rocky said...

Awesome!! A great story in perseverance. You have certainly accomplished a lot since beginning this 1001 entries ago. Keep on rattling the cage!!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rocky - and you are very much a central part of that great journey Amigo :-) - Keep well.