Sunday, December 21, 2008

Manchester United on top of the world!

Its official - Manchester United are the best football team in the world!

Liga de Quito 0 - Man United 1

To me of course United have been the best team in the world since I was 11 years old but this finally makes it real!


Unknown said...

And by this logic Ligo de Quito are the second best!

Typical Man Utd glory hunting!

John said...

A BIG congratulation to all you Red Devil supporters out there. Truly the year 2008 has been an extra ordinary year for your team. First you guys conquered England, then Europe and now the World.

For me as an Argentina supporter, I must say that I’m pretty sad to see Carlos TEVEZ not getting his name in the score sheet. He was absolutely dangerous while he was on the pitch tonight but it was unfortunate to see him being substitute.

But I’m sure many of you (and football fans alike) will agree that he too played his part in making all this happen for your club.

I’ve just published my review on the final and would appreciate if you could check it out. Drop us comment as well please. Tell us about your ecstatic feeling after this latest victory.

Trevor Gay said...

Mike C - we just let envious fans of other teams call it glory hunting - we just keep winning trophies - I wonder who you support? I'd be happy to compare trophy wins for the last 20 years. No glory hunting from me - I've been a Red since 1963 when I was 11 years of age. I supported United through the many bleak years between 1968 and 1992 prior to Sir Alex arrival. True supporters never shift their allegiance

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you John – Carlos is a brilliant player and I he never gives up – he is all heart and a brilliant finisher. He is a big hero among the United fans at Old Trafford and one of our most popular players. He is very much part of the future of Manchester united – I hope he is at the club for many years.

The European Champions League Final in May was fantastic and this result today was fabulous. Being a Man United fan for over 40 years means that I am ecstatic when we win ANY trophy – they are all important and this one will hopefully make people realise in other parts of the world just how great Man United are. Did you see how many fans from England went out to Japan for the final? - That is also a testimony to the best fans in the world according to Wayne Rooney.

Not bad – best team in the world AND the best fans in the world!

JOHN O'LEARY said...

I might quibble semantically with "best football team in the world" but I'm glad to hear your team has triumphed!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi John - you're surely not talking about that 'fake' football you guys play in the US where you dress up in all that 'girlie' padding?

I'm talking REAL football played by REAL men my friend :-)

Just joking John =- have a great Christmas.

Anonymous said...


Congrats on Manchester's success! We can learn a lot from sports and the team building that must be accomplished to win a championship. I'm a big fan of American Football and enjoy the specatle that is tied to crowning a new leader in sports.

Thx for the blog...

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks as always Scott for your support to my Blog - much appreciated and I look forward to more great exchanges in 2009.

If anyone wants to study leadership and team building there is no better case study than Sir Alex Ferguson the Manager of Manchester United – far and away the most successful ever football manager in Britain. Sir Alex is now 66 – going on 18 – and he is still going strong - as hungry as ever. He shows no signs of retiring for many more years which is not good for the other 18 English Premier teams of course but we Man United fans love him dearly and hope he goes on for another 10 years minimum.

A great Christmas Scott to you and your family from Annie and me and thanks again for your sponsorship for the marathon – our training programme continues ahead of schedule.

Anonymous said...

I was just able to watch the match last night. I didn't realize that Man U had to play a man down for the last 40 minutes. It was a god match. Both teams had oportunities to score a few times. There were some nice saves by the keepers. Van Der Sar played well. The Reds certainly have had some stellar results under Sir Alex. It will be interesting to see how they do down the stretch.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Rocky and best wishes to you Amigo! - Hope you had a great Christmas. United won today (Friday) on their return to the premiership and we are looking good with two games in hand on the teams above us. I'm confident Sir Alex will lead United to more silverware this season