Thursday, November 13, 2008

The 'men' who did this - an insult to my gender.

Computer generated graphics of Baby P's injuries

I have to say part of me didn't want to post this dreadful story but after giving it some thought I decided we need to publicly confront this sort of thing head on. I hope no readers of Simplicity Blog are upset by the graphic picture above or the content of this posting. Let me go on ...

I was reflecting a lot yesterday about the irony of life.

On Remembrance Day, 48 hours ago I was moved to tears through simply watching on TV the dignity of three men of 112, 110 and 108 as they proudly and emotionally presented their wreaths at the Cenotaph in London to remember their fallen comrades in World War One.

On that same day I am sad to say news broke here in the UK that a 17 month old baby boy known as Baby P for legal reasons had been killed by his mother, her boyfriend and another male as a result of systematic, brutal physical abuse over many months.

Here are some extracts from the BBC News Report:

*Baby P, died after suffering 50 injuries including a broken back, eight fractured ribs and extensive bruising.

*Jason Owen, 36, from Bromley, and a 32-year-old man were convicted of "causing or allowing the death of a child or vulnerable person".

*The boy's mother had already pleaded guilty to the same charge, and all three will be sentenced on 15 December.

*He had been on the register of at-risk children in Haringey, and before his death was visited 60 times in eight months by social workers, police and health professionals.

Click here if you wish to read more from the BBC Report

Two of these three people are described as ‘men’ which as far as I’m concerned is an insult to my gender.

So ... going back to my beginning about irony, what a contrast we have between five men:

3 genuine, heroic, brave, dignified gentlemen.

2 cowards.

Sometimes life is so hard to understand. I think of myself as a very tolerant person with experience of working for 10 years in mental health services and so I understand these people are actually sick. They have to be sick to do such things to an innocent, helpless young child.

Despite my considerable experience of mental health services, my natural forgiving nature and my Christian belief, I am stretched to find any words of compassion whatsoever toward these two human beings who are only ‘men’ biologically – these are not real men.

I pray they will reflect a lot about what they have done whilst they are in prison (they will be sentenced in December) which hopefully will be for a very long time.


J.KANNAN said...


A most, shocking, startling, arrogant, gruesome, barbaric-I have no more words to add for such a conduct and commit by a mother to her child with the aid and support of her elopers-A result of uncontrolled passion, lust and taste towards sex, that tested the life of an innocent and sublime child. (All children are innocent, sublime and are to be seen as child God).

I just can’t imagine a mother indulging herself into this kind of a cruel and most nasty and dirty treatment to her own child. After seeing the graphics of the child, I was taken aback and was almost broke mentally and was in a state of shock, stun and sadness.

These people are to be described and stamped as “Insult and Injury’ to total humanity and not merely to their gender, and to me, I can never imagine of these people as human beings but only as “beasts”.

I only wish the judiciary awards all the three capital punishment on 15 Dec 2009 when they pronounce the final verdict- and for me, all said and done, I will view and take note that three beasts were hanged to death for their barbarian act and conduct.-if it happens?

I pray Jesus -May the sublime soul of baby “P” rest in peace and in divine and serene laps of Jesus.


Trevor Gay said...

Thank JK – this is a most distressing case and has caused much discussion in the UK. We do not have capital punishment nowadays in the UK so these people will not hang.

These events are a stark reminder to us that evil still lurks in our society.

Annie and I are both completely horrified about this and we share in your prayers for baby “P”

Anonymous said...

Having seen young children who were born prematurely or with birth defects FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES, with parents, family, and medical personnel doing everything possible to fight with them to achieve survival . . . I am aghast at the cruelty of these animals, which seems to know no bounds and which preys upon the defenseless and the innocent child. I can only weep . . . I can only weep . . .

Anonymous said...

Send them to the US, especially Texas, and we'll hang them.

Unfortunately, we appear to be seeing more and more and more cases of child brutality in the US and beyond.

As far as I'm concerned, God likely thinks we're pretty pathetic as a race to this planet. Even animals, at least most of them, don't treat each other like humans do.

A friend of mine relayed a story to me about a mother trying to boil her baby on the stove top. He was responding to the matter as an EMT in the military. He said that the scene was gruesome and the baby survived with severe burns.

When they notified the husband, they had his wife in detention on base. He went to visit her and the MPs gave the husband 30 seconds to do as he wished to her. I doubt 30 seconds was enough.

In my town, a mother set 4 or 5 of her children on fire recently. Most of them too young to do anything about it. They just remained on the couch and burned until a neighbor intervened. I think a few died from complications.

Jesus has come to us in the form of baby P to show us how secular and far away from God most of the world has moved. Sooner or later, we'll see the same God from the Old Testament take back what's rightfully his. The bible is a living, breathing document and we still haven't seen the rapture of Revelations and other predictions from God. I just hope God views me as just when the day of reconciliation is upon me.

How disappointing and shameful is all I can say.

Trevor Gay said...

Dick – you put is so much better than I could. I know you have the personal family experience that underpins your fabulous words about the struggle for life in a young baby. Our prayers for Lucy continue daily my friend

Trevor Gay said...

Scott - Thanks for your powerful words.

No chance of them hanging and even worse I believe the maximum prison sentence these three people can get is 14 years. with parole and good behaviour that is likely to mean 10 years max I guess. It is incredible how lenient the judicial system can be when to the whole population – and indeed internationally – these crimes are considered to be off the scale in terms of their horrific nature.

The harrowing stories you tell us about in the US are equally awful. I simply cannot imagine the depravity that must exist inside some people’s heads to allow them to do these things.

I share your view about Jesus ‘visiting’ in the form of baby ‘P’ – what a wonderful way to think of this situation. I’m sure God is never surprised about how low some humans fall.

As a Christian I realise I am asked to forgive and I know all about ‘Let him who has not sinned throw the first stone’ – forgiveness of this type of crime is a real challenge I’m sure even for the most devout Christian.

All we can do Scott as fellow Christians is to try and live our own lives in the way we believe God wants us to and along the way we hope that His influence is felt by more and more people.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your response. I used to get angry and outraged. Now, I just thank God for the day in front of me and my family.

There is so much dispair and so many lost souls out there that don't know any better. We, as Christians, can touch people daily that we don't know. Holding the door, buying a stranger a lunch or cup of coffee, giving away clothing and jackets to shelters to help those in need. Serving Christ through serving others is my motto.

I still vote we hang them though!

Anonymous said...

I recall a research paper I did years ago on the death penalty. Apaarently the prison culture reerves a special sort of loathing and brutality for folks who prey on children. Lethal injection seems like an easy and painless way out, an escape almost. A heinous and senseless crime deserves a little fear and anxiety that an extended incarceration might provide.

Makes one wonder...

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Scott – your motto is one I share completely.

Dave – your research sounds fascinating and I have always understood that life inside can be pretty tough for certain types of criminals especially those who harm children – lets hope so.