Friday, August 15, 2008

Important Stuff!!

Sincere apologies for lack of Simplicity Blog postings this week. Must do better!!

I’ve been back, working again in the National Health Service (NHS) to help out with some urgent work that has to be done in a local NHS organisation. It felt quite strange really to ‘go back to work’ in an office setting for 4 days this week after almost 4 years working from home. It gave me an opportunity to reflect about how the two scenarios differ. More of that in future postings.

Today is Annie’s birthday and we’ve had a great day together – I am a lucky man.

My life has changed dramatically in the last 4 years.

• Leaving the NHS after 35 years
• Setting up my own business
• Moving home three times
• Marrying the most wonderful woman in the world
• Becoming a Grandad to Sebastian and Reece

I have made many friends from all over the world through Blogging and this has been terrific. I have learned about how lucky I am when I think about the challenges faced in their families by my good friends Dick Field and Dave Wheeler.

What I have learned most in the last 4 years is that if you are supported by the person closest to you then all challenges become easier to face.

So …. On your birthday my darling Annie….Thank you. You will never know how much you have done for me … I love you more than Walkers Crisps xxx


Anonymous said...

The happiest of Happy Birthday's to Annie!

I recall my first impression of Simplicity being the joy and happiness that you two have brought to each other's lives. That is indeed a blessed and marvelous thing!

You are absolutely correct my friend with your observation that one's burdens and challenges became easier to face when supported by those closest to they family or friends be they personal acquaintances or cyber. Your thoughts and prayers for my daughter mean a great deal and are deeply appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to offer my best wishes to Annie on her birthday and my sincere appreciation for your friendship and prayers for Lucy. You are representative of the best that can come from harnassing the new technology for the benefit of human kindness.

Happy Birthday, Annie! Congratulations, Trevor, for making some very good choices in life.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dave and Dick - you are both terrific role models that I aspire to. Continued blessings – I’m proud to call you friends.

Annie will respond later to your kind birthday greetings.

Marilyn Jess said...

Happy Birthday Annie! We are both born in the same month, and like you, I have the best husband and partner--33 years and counting.

Trevor, your gratitude list reminds us all that we have much more to be grateful for than we think. Like many others I keep returning to read your blog because it gives me a much needed boost in this often confusing world.

Annie, I blew out all my candles in one try this time--won't say how many :) how about you?


Trevor Gay said...

Hi Marilyn - good to know Simplicity Blog serves such a good purpose!

Best wishes

Annie G said...

Many thanks to Dave, Dick and Marilyn for your birthday wishes!

Yesterday was a wonderful day and Trevor made me feel very special, as always....a meal out, lots of presents... he even stuck balloons up all over the house! (Thanks hun!!)

Marilyn, if I'd had a cake there would have been 48 candles :)