Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cometh the Hour Cometh the Man

Someone will be a hero or a villian in a few hours time!

My beloved Manchester United play Chelsea in Moscow in the Final of the European Champions League later today - Wednesday.

I've been a passionate fan of Manchester United since 1963 when I was 11 and this is without a doubt the biggest match for United since I began supporting them. This match also makes history as the first all English European Champions League Final.

I am nervous but I have faith in my team and in our unique and immortal manager - Sir Alex Ferguson - a living legend.


David Wike said...

As you know Trevor, I am of the belief that the competition would be better if teams from the same country did not meet in the final, or even the later rounds. The fact that Liverpool had to play Arsenal in the quarter finals and then Chelsea in the semis reduced that special ‘European night’ feel; it just seemed like playing another league game, albeit with the volume turned up.

Despite my misgivings (not least as Liverpool lost to Chelsea), I am looking forward to tonight’s game, although I suspect that it will be dominated by the two defences and may not produce a feast of goals.

Manchester United have a 100% record in the final having won on both previous occasions, whereas Liverpool’s record is relatively poor, having won just five of our seven finals! Just think, if you win tonight you will finally draw ahead of Nottingham Forest in top flight European football!

Enjoy the game and have a bottle of something red ready to celebrate. Of course, as the North West’s ‘other’ reds, I will be rooting for United ... on the other hand, tomorrow I have a business meeting with someone who is a Chelsea supporter and it’s his birthday ...!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks David – today is not a day for me to remind you that it is 19 years since Liverpool won the league tile whilst in the last 16 years United have won the title 10 times ….. So I won’t mention that :-)

I am thrilled you will be rooting for my boys tonight and if the boot were on the other foot I would definitely be cheering for Liverpool as I did in the semi-final against Chelsea.

Wine will be consumed tonight whatever the result I assure you :-)

David Wike said...

Fair enough. In that case I won’t remind you that United still haven’t quite managed to catch up with Liverpool’s total number of league title wins.

Hope the nerves are holding out before the big game. I just hope it doesn’t go to penalties, as I doubt you’ll be able to cope with the stress!

Good luck!

Trevor Gay said...

Yes I think it was my late Grandfather who told me about the days when Liverpool won the title regularly ...

I'm talking about living memory my friend ...

Fact - In the last 19 years the score in titles reads Manchester United 10 Liverpool 0 :-)

If it goes to penalties David I will be a complete and utter wreck!!