Monday, July 02, 2007

Two Fingers to the NHS? ...Or maybe not....

I am grateful for my Blogging friend Dr Grumble for this video clip.

I am one of the biggest critics of the National Health Service.

At the same time I am very proud of the National Health Service.

It is wonderful in Britain that we can get treatment free regardless of our wealth.

I will continue to encourage patients to complain about the NHS when standards are not met but if you find cause to complain about the NHS – it might just be worth remembering this video clip next time you visit your local Accident and Emergency department.


Anonymous said...

And here's an alternative take on Michael Moore's propoganda machine and the real needs of the health care system:

Michael Moore and truthful, objective reporting are not compatible.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for that Mike – I am not qualified to comment on the US healthcare system. I am proud though that the NHS here in the UK - despite all its problems - never forces patients to worry about financial affordability of emergency treatment. It seems Michael Moore’s film has created waves. It seems for everyone who holds your view of the man and his reporting there are at least equal numbers who believe what he says.

Mike Gardner said...

Just because people believe it doesn't make it the truth.

Trevor Gay said...

‘Just because people believe it doesn't make it the truth.’

Absolutely Mike ... life is all about opinion.

The counter argument to your point is that whatever the opponents of Moore may say is not necessarily the truth either.

Anyone who rattles the cage in healthcare in the way Moore is - is usually on to something and will use shock stories to ram home their point - and who can blame them. These are tragic personal stories that must make people question government priorities and will hopefully result in action to improve your healthcare system. I did a quick Google search to look at reviews of the film Sicko and almost all critics were very positive about its message and it meaning.

There are many problems with our UK health system the NHS and you certainly have serious problems too in the States. As mentioned before even REPUBLICAN Dave Reichert said - 'One in seven Americans, including more than 8 million children, does not have even basic healthcare coverage.'

It just cannot be acceptable in a modern western and wealthy society that a man who loses the tops of two fingers cannot ‘afford’ to have emergency treatment- yes EMERGENCY TREATMENT carried out for reasons of finance.

Sorry Mike but however anyone tries to defend that it borders on the scandalous.