Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Remembering Sir Winston

On this day 42 years ago Sir Winston Churchill died at 90 years of age. Click here for more.

I was 12 in January 1965 and like all my peers I was heavily into The Beatles and the music revolution that was sweeping Britain.

Despite all that excitement I can remember well watching the funeral on our tiny black and white TV. Even though I was very young and didn’t really understand the significance of this event I just knew from my parents reaction to his death and funeral just how much they felt we owed the great man and how the whole country mourned.

Many consider Sir Winston the greatest leaders in British History. I wonder what might have happened had we not had his leadership during World War Two - What do you think?


Dan said...

I'm a huge fan of Churchill - what an amazing man!

Have you seen any of his paintings? I don't know much about art, but apparently they were quite good. In fact, someone said that even if he'd never become PM, we'd still know his name, just because of his art.

He wrote a wonderful little book titled Painting As A Pastime... in addition to all his amazing, enormous other books (he's one of the best writers I've ever come across).

Thanks for the reminder of Sir Winston's greatness.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Dan - I have never seen any of his paintings but I have read he was a good artist. I know he suffered clinical depression regularly. It is interesting how many great characters in our history have been afflicted with depression.

It would make fascinating research one day when I get time :-)

Hope you and your family are all well.

Marilyn Jess said...

Yes, I was familiar with Sir Winston's accomplishments as an artist and writer. Must get around to reading some of his books. Here is a link to a fantastic audio course about him:

This company has reinvigorated my love of history. Churchill was a statesman, who lived an incredibly full life, packed with adventure. Politicians today would do well to emulate him.

Trevor Gay said...

I don’t think any modern day political leader will be remembered with the same affection or respect. I am sure Sir Winston had his faults like all of us as a flawed human being. It is well known too that he suffered clinical depression. Despite these aspects he must have had some amazing qualities to be held in such high esteem by politician from the opposition party e.g. Clement Attlee who, according to the link you provided, described Churchill as; “The greatest Englishman of our time—I think the greatest citizen of the world of our time."

I believe the general consensus of opinion is that Churchill was not great as a leader in peace time but it seems like he was inspirational in the second world war. 1939-45 was a period in history point when our basic freedom and beliefs were under serious threat.

It is scary to even think about what may have happened had Churchill not been leader at that time.

I would like to read more about him – another one to add to my ever growing reading list!

Dan said...

The Painting as a Pastime book is about 32 pages, if I recall... more of an essay than a book, actually... and my copy has prints of several of his paintings. I got it used from Definitely worth tracking down...

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for the tip Dan