Thursday, June 08, 2006


It is almost here …

The World Cup starts tomorrow Friday in Germany and England will be playing their first match on Saturday against Paraguay.

The final piece of the jigsaw for the England squad was settled last night when our star player Wayne Rooney was finally declared fit for the tournament.

It seems that Rooney will be able to play later in the tournament – providing England qualify from the first round of course.

For as many World Cup tournaments as I can remember since 1966 (when England won the trophy) us English fans have always gone in to the World Cup tournament with optimism and sometimes probably unrealistic aspirations.

The squad of 2006 is the best I can remember and with a little luck I feel England can be crowned World Champions on 9th July.

My fingers are crossed!!!


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ Trevor.
IMHO the squad is not exceptional and it lacks players of which we can expect something extraordinary (like Rooney or Gascoigne).
But one can always hope and dream. Personally I don't expect too much of this world cup. So far I haven't seen a team that I would favor because of the quality of their football. Not even Brazil.
Result is everything nowadays.
Of course I hope that I am completely wrong and that we will get some exciting games and an unexpected winner.

CCz said...

Dear Trevor;

Keep dreaming mate!!!


Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Frank and Carlos

I hear what you say Frank BUT ….

I believe Gerrard, Lampard, Owen and Beckham are world class players who can turn a game with one flash of brilliance. Joe Cole looks better with every match. John Terry and Rio Ferdinand are probably the best pair of defenders we have had for 30 years. Rooney is going to come back in the later stages of the tournament and he is a unique talent – a ‘one off’ genius who can turn any game at any level. Even if he is not 100% fit. I remain optimistic.

Carlos …. It will be wonderful to see England lift the trophy my friend … playing Portugal in the final would be a bonus :-)