Sunday, January 24, 2010

Please watch 'The Castle'

Don't know how many of you have seen it but Annie and I watched the movie "The Castle" on DVD yet again this evening. We must have watched this now at least a dozen times and we never tire of it.

It is an Australian film with a powerful social message about the individual against the power of big business and the government.

A close-knit family is under threat of compulsory purchase of their home and the father of the family refuses to accept that big business can just throw him and his family out.

He takes the matter to the highest court in Australia with the aid of a retired Queens Councillor specialising in the Australian Constitution who provides his services free of charge. And they win.

It is a heart warming story with an important message about not selling out our principles and not giving in to big business just because they are big.

Click here to see more about the movie and if you get the chance please do watch it - you will be heartened by the power of the individual against the apparent power of large corporations.

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