Friday, January 08, 2010

An international Simplicity conference call?

In a recent exchange on another posting the subject of having a Skype conference call for regular Simplicity Blog readers was mooted by Marilyn. I would love to do that one day.

Not sure what we might talk about but the idea interests me - if only to say 'hello.'

There are so many regulars commenters from various parts of the world the first task might be to find a time that suits everyone. Providing everyone has access to Skype we could have a free of charge conference call to come 'voice to voice' if not 'face to face'

I would be happy to try and co-ordinate something if anyone is up for that.

An ‘international chat’ sounds good to me – it may take us somewhere – it may take us nowhere. Either way, as my good friend Brian Ward in Edmonton, Canada would say – it will be a blast anyway!

Let me know what you think.


Marilyn Jess, DTM said...

I vote yes, and we do need to structure it somehow if we do it, and maintain proper call etiquette.

My Toastmaster friend and project manager, Wayne, originally from South Africa, posted a FANTASTIC guide to hosting more formal meetings using conference calls. Some of these tips work for any type of group call.

It's my gift to all my Simplicity mates:

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Marilyn - that guide from Wayne looks really helpful for any meeting whether virtual, telephone or in person - thanks again.

I wonder if more people will be interested in the idea - it could take us down interesting roads don't you think?

Tim Blair said...

Would be great Trevor. Count me in!

Dave Wheeler said...


What an exceptional and interesting idea!

JOHN O'LEARY said...

I'd love to be in on it - if it happens within the two or three hours I'm awake. :-)

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Tim, Dave and John - looks like we may have 5 of us up for a chat then ... Anyone else out there?

J.KANNAN said...


Yes. I am there to be with you all to take part in it-What a great idea. Though we are far away we can be too closer with this concept & idea GREAT...................indeed.

Thanks to one and all more so Merilyn for the initiative.


Trevor Gay said...

Thanks JK - and then there were 6 ...Exciting stuff .... I suggest we leave it a few more days and then perhaps we can organise a Skype conference call...