Friday, January 22, 2010

First International Simplicity Conference Call ...

Great news is we now have 8 friends signed up for the first Simplicity International SKYPE Conference Call on Sunday 31 January at 4 pm GMT.

In addition to me we have seven friends of Simplicity from various time zones round the world. It will be a real blast for us all to speak to folks who have been 'virtual friends' for a number of years.

Oh the joys of modern technology - and of course its free in keeping with Simplicity!

If any Simplicity readers from anywhere in the world want to join in all I need from you is your SKYPE name and I will let you know the details.

Please either comment here or if you prefer you can send an email to me at

This first call is going to be a 'getting to know you call' and we will see where the concept of a conference call takes us .....

Keep is simple - look forward to more joining in....


J.KANNAN said...

Dear Trevor,

Yes indeed a great news of a great event for the first time for friends of "Simplicity".

With SKYPE CONFERENCE CALL" by the friends of Simplicity its going to be like "SKY is not the limit and will take place on 31 Jan 2010 4PM GMT.

A Great event/occasion to exchange ideas and views and to get to know one another more closer and to establish the truth "THE WORLD IS TOO SMALL" to be together at times in friendship.

Great idea and thanks goes to Merilyn who mooted the idea and thanks to Trevor for his untiring initiative and drive well focused to make it a memorable and great event.

Looking forward for 31 Jan 2010 4PM GMT to be with you all.

With Regards.


Trevor Gay said...

I'm looking forward to it too JK - it will be great - I hope the technology works for all of us.

How small our world is becoming ....