Saturday, May 16, 2009

Congratulations Manchester United!

Another magnificent season.

My beloved Manchester United are Premier League Champions for the third successive season.

And now we are level with Liverpool on 18 title wins … with more to come under the great man Sir Alex.

And of course we are the best team in the world.

Thank you Sir Alex - the greatest ever football manager in Britain.


Dan Gunter said...

This calls for a pint! Maybe two ;-)


dave wheeler said...


A gallon perhaps! Congratulations and there are many leesons of excellence that can be learned from this organization and Sir Alex!

Rocky said...

I have had my two pints. That seems to have hit the spot. Way to go Man U!!!

David Wike said...

Not a bad team but not the best in the world, or even in England. As Rafa Benitez said, you just happen to be the team with the most points. Don’t forget that Liverpool beat you at Anfield and thrashed you at Old Trafford. Anyway, well done for levelling with us in league championship wins. It only took you twenty years of trying. Of course, you still have a 100% record in the European Cup/Champions League final with three wins out of three appearances. Liverpool can only claim five wins from seven appearances.

apih yayan said...

rock in to Manchester United, i love MU from indonesia fans club

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks to all of you for the congratulations to United. I did have glass of Red wine (or two) to celebrate last night.

For my friends outside the UK I must to let you know that my friend David loves to reminisce about the old days when Liverpool did indeed have a good team.

On the other hand I like to remind David it is now 20 YEARS since Liverpool won the title whilst United have won it 11 time sin those 20 years. It is good that David holds on to his romantic memories of those glorious old days gone by. I however like to live in the present.

The Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez like to talk to the media about ‘facts’ and the facts are that Man United are the best team in England because we finished the season long campaign on top of the table with the most points despite losing a match or two. Another fact is that United won the World Club Championship back in December making them officially the best club team in the world.

Those, Mr Benitez, are the FACTS.

Have a great Sunday all.

Richard Lipscombe said...

Congratulations to all Man U supporters. Liverpool supporters be assured we have to do better next year. I don't rate the premiership cup that highly because there is no play off. When will English football come out of the dark ages and have a knock out competition involving the top eight clubs to decide the Premiership like every other sport in the world? Clubs that win the minor premiership often do not become premiers in other sports - why is this English competition so behind the times?

Barcelona is the best club in the world at the moment. They are the most exciting football team to watch play the game. Chelsea could be the best if they get a new/good manager and play open and attacking football. Liverpool has a long way to go to catch up with Barcelona - we probably need a new team manager and a couple of defenders.

Good luck in Europe to all Man U supporters I hope that it is a good football spectacle. Barcelona is depleted but I still think they will win the final.

Cheers Trevor.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Richard – hope you are well and thanks for your comments.

Our English Premiership is regarded as the most attractive league in the world, the highest quality football and the most popular with fans.

As regards play offs – mixed feeling from me.

The premiership title is won by the team that performs best over 38 matches accumulating points over the entire season. So a lot of me would say the best team always finishes at the top over the long haul.

The main benefit I see in a play off arrangement is more money for television companies.

What bothers me a lot about ‘play offs’ is that a team finishing say 8th in the table can win the title which seems to me to defeat the object of playing an entire season of 38 games if you finish top and then lose the title!

But having said all that I am of course still open to new ideas.

Richard Lipscombe said...

I totally understand your points.

The reality is under our top 8 scheme almost no team that finishes outside the top 4 has a realistic chance of winning the Premiership. One reason for this is that the top 4 teams get a "double chance" in the final playoffs.

BUT if a team was good enough to win its way through from 8th to take the Premiership then they would be a team that truly deserved to win it. I say this because they have to win 4 "sudden death" matches against teams that are suppose to be better than them.

All teams that win their Premiership through this schema see the "playoffs" as the real season. They play all season just to get to the "playoffs".

Certainly "playoff" games are more intense and harder games than regular season games. Players go in harder and so their time and space out on the field is limited so only the very best players shine in these games.

I am well thanks. I am a really happy and proud Liverpool supporter who is looking forward to next season! I am hoping that Liverpool will play a much more expansive and thus a better style of football next season. I hope they forget about winning the premiership if that is what it takes for them to play a more attractive style of football.

Cheers, Trevor.

mark jf said...

In view of our discussions on another blog about the concept of "built to last" I wonder if a little more perspective might be in order?

Congratulations to Sir Alex and to a very, very talented team. It's a terrific accomplishment and only a bigot could deny that Sir Alex has a fantastic record.

But I do wonder what might happen if, during the summer, Tevez and Ronaldo left? The goalkeeper spot is a bit lacking in cover. Without Scholes and Giggs on the bench the midfield situation is still very good but not nearly so threatening. Contrary to popular opinion, I think this might well be a team that has peaked.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Richard - I can see what you are saying and we must always be open to change.

Of course I will Liverpool well next season my friend – runners up is a good achievement after all :-)

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mark

We have the following players coming through

Ben Foster – generally regarded as the best young keeper in England
2 - 18 year old brilliant Brazilian twins as full backs
Anderson – 20 year old Brazilian midfielder getting better all the time

Three exceptionally talented young English Strikers

Macheda – 18 years old
Wellbeck – 18 years old
Fraser – 21 years old

I also think we will keep Ronaldo and Tevez and probably buy another player or two. Far from having peaked I think this squad is just beginning….

But I would say that wouldn't I?

mark jf said...

I think the young talent hasn't been allowed to come through as in previous years and the timing between the old stagers declining and the young turks maturing is out of sync.

I also think Foster is over-rated and Anderson isn't going to get much better and won't last in English footie. Of the twins, one is exceptional though.

I'd be prepared to wager the price of a nice meal that Man U won't win the Premiership next year. In fact, they probably won't win anything.

Trevor Gay said...

You are a VERY generous man Mark – I will happily take the meal you are offering me. This is a public bet – let’s get the rules of our bet clear.

Are we betting on just the premiership or United not winning anything next season?

Either way I will take your bet by the way :-)

tomjam said...

Hi Trevor

Congrats (again) to Man Utd....and well done Liverpool for pushing you close. My team Sunderland have been stuck on six title wins since I reckon it's about time we started on getting the 12 titles we need to catch up with the two aforementioned teams. That will start with a resounding victory over Chelsea on Sunday and then rebuilding and success next season. Yes, I am an OPTIMIST :-)

Trevor Gay said...

Hi tomjam - always keep the faith is what I say to my son - a United fan - who kept on thinking through the last few weeks that United might blow the title challenge. I have a good friend who is a Sunderland season ticket holder and I know he is praying! Good luck tomjam!