Friday, May 22, 2009

A busy but fabulous week.

My apologies for lack of postings this week. It’s been because of:

• 'Busyness' at work.

• Having wonderful friends
staying for a week. David and Alisan and their two lovely children Caris and Etienne. David is a South African Christian Minister. He and his English wife Alisan are doing missionary work in Namibia. They have been working in Namibia for 3 years and are returning next week for a further 3 years. (Picture above of all of us, including our dogs Rusty and Bertie, was taken yesterday on our front doorstep.)

• Recovering from the euphoria of Manchester United’s brilliant Premiership title victory last Saturday.

By the way I received a funny phone text midweek from a fellow Manchester United fan:

“Liverpool Football Club has been dragged into the expense scandal. It seems they have been claiming for silver polish for the last 20 years for no good reason”

Don’t you just love football rivalry and friendly banter?

Bad luck all you Scousers … I fear you may have to wait another 20 years for your next title!

Amazing to think that thousands of Liverpool fans who are 25 years of age or less don’t know that wonderful feeling of actually winning the Premiership title. In that same 20 year period of course my beloved Manchester United have won the Premiership title 11 times!

But hey …. I’m not gloating.


Dan Gunter said...


Yeah, the humor translates quite well. Love it. Some things are pretty much universal.

Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Dan :-)