Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Barcelona 2 Manchester United 0

No complaints from me as a lifelong United fan.

The best team won – well done Barcelona you deserved it. My beloved Manchester United just did not turn up on the night - we were well beaten.

Pictured above is my Blogging friend MarkJF who is well pleased tonight as a Barca fan - he dared me "to Blog this" - enjoy it Mark!

Roll on next season.


Mark JF said...

Mas que un club!

Thanks Trevor. Great game and what an exhibition by Barca. Apart from the first 10 minutes, they out-thought and out-played Man U. They were on a different level tonight: now we'll just have to see if we can defend the trophy next year.


Trevor Gay said...

Enjoy it Mark - fully deserved victory. We will be looking for revenge next season I hope :-)

Richard Lipscombe said...


Congratulations to you and all the Barca fans.

As I mentioned here, recently, I had no doubt that Barca would win this match because they are the best football team in the world right now. They play at a different level to clubs in England - I get tingles down my spine when I watch them play. They are simply the best!

But what would I know I am a bewitched, loyal, long-term Liverpool fan. Beware though because Liverpool is coming to get Barca next season - pretty pretty please sporting Gods.

Cheers, Richard.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Richard

I agree Barcelona are the best team in the world right now.

I believe the English Premiership is the best league in the world.

Liverpool have enjoyed a good season this time around and make good runners up to Man United. Looking upward to Man United has been a habit for Liverpool for the last 20 years :-)

Dan Gunter said...

Excellence is: "good sportsmanship." Sounds like I missed an interesting match.

J.KANNAN said...

Its sad and bad that Manchester United, unitedly could not match this match with Barcelona.

Yes Trevor, United did not turn up RIGHT on the night(may be got pre-occupied with some other occupation mentally!!} and got beaten with humiliation- A helpless and hapless situation indeed.

I like the words from Dan Excellence is..........

Better luck next season.


David Wike said...

Wow! Barcelona played mesmeric football last night – does it get any better? Perhaps it would have done if they had been able to field a full strength side. Frankly the 2-0 score line flattered United.

Shortly after the match finished I spoke to my daughter Anna who lives near Barcelona’s Nou Camp stadium. Fireworks were being let off in the street. She was resigning herself to another disturbed night’s sleep. The last couple of weeks have seen much celebration. Beating bitter rivals Real Madrid 6-2, winning the Primera league, winning the Spanish Cup, and now the European Champions League.

Interesting contrast in managers. We all know about Sir Alex Fergusson’s long and distinguished time at the helm in Manchester but I bet that not many outside Spain would have heard of 38 year old Josep Guardiola. What a start to his top management career!

Anyway Trevor, your lads haven’t had a bad season overall. Along with Richard I shall look forward to the start of next season and Liverpool finally winning the Premiership and perhaps the Champions League. But take heart, MU still have a better European success rate than Liverpool: you have won three of your four finals whereas we have only won five of our seven!

Of course, Barcelona being my overseas team, I am celebrating this morning with the first cup of tea of the day drunk from my FC Barcelona mug!

Trevor Gay said...

Dan - it was a good match but United played poorly - possibly our worst performance of the season in the biggest match of the season - such is life.

There is no point in doing anything other than admitting and accepting the best team won but we United fans will always keep the faith!

Trevor Gay said...

JK - Have no fear United will be back next season fighting on all fronts again - As the old saying goes "form is temporary, class is permanent"

Trevor Gay said...

David - I agree with all your comments about the match itself - United were in it for the first ten minutes - after that it was one way traffic.

The Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola is indeed a breath of fresh air on the football scene - I like him.

I thought Sir Alex was very dignified in defeat too.

As you rightly say it has been a good season for United ... we will just have to settle for the four trophies we have won ... Remind me how many trophies Liverpool won this season :-)

J.KANNAN said...

But to enter the "Class" the route is "Form" in sports matches and if the "form" is temperory, obviously the route will also remain with "foam", according to me.

The team has to play to win as a "Total Team" and if the approach is to"Fight to win" the result will be reverse that's what exactly happened to Manchester United- Instead of being united in the match, they seems to have been "Divided". On the other hand Barcelona played to win and they have won. I am always with a performing Team.

There is of course a consolation to Barcelona if they are ready to accept the good old saying in sports competitions "YOU WIN I WIN"

Let's keep our fingures crossed for the next season to see" What's going to Happen????"


felix said...

Barcelona played in a stellar way. Their ball movement, definition in offense and defensive presence was outstanding. One has to acknowledge that a goal like Messi's bears an artistic touch.

Barcelona has won all the competitions they've been into and with a clear superiority. No matter what team you support -my team is Athletic Bilbao- you have to admire what they're doing and enjoy watching the game.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Felix - Barcelona played outstanding football all season and fully deserve their unique treble. Messi is indeed a world class player and is a joy to watch. The Barcelona team is a credit to Spanish football - well done to them.

Scott Peters said...


You are truly a leader in successes and defeats. Man U has a great team, I'm not sure why they began to play poorly after they opened up pretty well.

Much like life, Man U will grow from this experience and learn from the game. They had a great season, and unlike others that want to poke fun and mock on other blogs, Man U acted as champions in the midst of defeat. Both teams showed class!!!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Scott - good to hear from you.

Manchester United have been my team since I was a kid of 11 in 1963.

A true fan will support their team through thick and thin. I have known some bad times for United in those 46 years but we are now the best known soccer brand throughout the world - of that there is no doubt. It has come through hard work and brilliant leadership from Sir Alex Ferguson over the last 22 years.

I have no doubt United will be back even stronger next season and as you rightly say this has been another very successful season.

The final was a credit to both teams with great sportsmanship shown by both teams