Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why Why Why???!!!

Another rant on Customer Care - I am constantly surprised.

Just as I think the message is getting through to businesses that the customer is actually quite an important part of the company… No!! hold on just a moment … let me re-phrase that slightly understated point …


Annie and I boarded a STAGECOACH bus on Monday to travel to Coventry and we were greeted by the rudest, most ignorant and arrogant driver one could possibly find. His whole attitude was 'anti-customer.'

This is such a shame as our previous experiences with many other bus drivers of Stagecoach have been good. This driver set back the image of the company in our eyes and how sad it is that such people can affect the entire image of a company.

I would just love the Chief Executive of Stagecoach to have been the passenger so that he/she experiences what it feels like. I intend to write to the Chief Executive with that comment. The people running companies need to know this sort of thing is going on at the front line. D
rivers represent the Chief Executive.

As regular readers of Simplicity will know I am a great advocate of front line staff and I stick by my beliefs on that.

It is a tragedy that such people spoil the image of the vast majority of front line staff.

I try so hard to be understanding and tolerate the fact that this man may have been having a particularly bad day; he may have been ill; he may have had to cope with some bad news that day …. I am a reasonable sort of customer – I greeted him with a smile and I feel this was just his style.

You just get a feeling about these things don't you?


Steve said...

Karen and I have experienced the joys of the perennial grump whilst using Stagecoach buses too - the down turned mouth, the set jaw, the eyes that bore into you and regard you as something lower than a snake's arse... I wouldn't mind but without the likes of us using the buses he wouldn't have a job!

Trevor Gay said...

We felt like something that had just crawled out of a mouldy piece of cheese.

As I said on your Blog I just cannot understand how ANYONE who works in customer facing jobs doesn’t realise the only reason they have a job is because we part with our money! .... But then I am but a simple person :-)