Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The UK National Health System

I am delighted and proud to say I have had another article published about the UK National Health Service in the July edition of The Stevie Awards Newsletter that is published quarterly in the US.

This magazine has an international subscriber list of over 7000 so I am thrilled that they have published my writing.

You can see the article by clicking here

Any comments you have will be great to receive and can I ask if you will cascade this to your contacts please?


Marilyn said...


Wonderful article. I do not know much about the NHS, and you enlightened me, as well as many others globally.

Across the pond, here in the USA, we have one striking similarity. Many actual providers, like me, didn't go into healthcare to get rich. We truly care about our clients, and become frustrated with the dysfunction we experience with bureaucratic procedures.

So we jump out, as I did, to alternative companies, start our own practices, or leave healthcare altogether. There has to be a happier medium, or middle ground. As yet, even all our Presidential candidates have little new or daring to say about fixing the mess, but consumers are voting with their dollars.

In my case I am working with clients to improve their lifestyle habits and avoid the healthcare system as much as they can. Ultimately their quality of life will improve more this way. Thanks again for reminding us that we need to work together to make healthcare better for all.

Cheers, Marilyn

Trevor Gay said...

Many thanks Marilyn - I really appreciate your comments. It is always good to know the language 'travels' across the pond

I am sure the problems of healthcare you experience in the US are much the same as here in the UK. Patients expectations are quite correctly increasing as patients become better informed and medical advances are moving at a faster pace than ever before. The ‘money available’ just cannot keep pace with those two factors alone.

I am convinced there is more to be gained by health education and people genuinely taking responsibility for their own ‘wellness’

So please do keep up the good work you are doing helping people look at their own lifestyle choices.