Thursday, August 16, 2007

Welcome Back Football

Well it certainly doesn’t seem very long ago I was celebrating Manchester United winning the Premier League Championship title in May.

And here we are already two games into the new season.

So far Manchester United have drawn both their opening games which means some teams are already four points ahead of us.

My logical explanation is …..

Sir Alex Ferguson the United boss has decided to give the other 19 teams a start this season just to make it interesting …

Now that is what I call blind faith.

It is always brilliant to welcome the start of a new season and I’m sure – as always - there will be twists and turns and highs and lows on the emotional roller coaster that is simply the most fantastic sport in the world …. Football … or soccer if you are in the States.

Come on you Reds!!!


Mike Gardner said...

Yes indeed, football season is almost upon us! The blitzes! The sacks! The long bomb! The TD! The...oh, wait, said FOOTBALL, but you meant that other thing with guys running around in short pants and never scoring any goals.


Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mike - Wonderful to exchange with you as always my friend and thanks for brightening my day once more :-)

Our Football – ‘soccer’ – is popular all round the world.

Not like your ‘funny football’ with all those wimpy guys padded up in case they hurt themselves.

In your ‘football’ you have the nerve to refer to something called a ‘world series’ I believe … when in reality you know in your heart Mike (go on admit it) - that the 95% of the population of the ‘world’ that DOESN’T LIVE IN THE STATES knows you lot in the US are kidding yourselves to call it a ‘world series.’

The reality is mate, no one outside your shores understands American Football (or wants to) and we all think you need to learn about how to play really skilful football.

Let’s face it Mike anyone can throw a ball and run.

It takes real skill to play real soccer and our real men soccer players don’t need wrapping in cotton wool just in case they get a bruise. Face it Mike your players are wimps

Come on Mike - join the rest of the civilised world in acknowledging soccer as the greatest game in the world.

England of course is the home of soccer.

A joy - as always - to swap friendly insults :-)

Mike Gardner said...

It's actually baseball that claims the World Series, football has the Super Bowl.

There may be merit to what you say about padding, Trevor. But, those guys are BIG. And MEAN. I played a (very) little football in high school and it hurt to get hit even with the pads.

I once read some sports pundit commenting that if a person wanted to see REAL MEN playing REAL FOOTBALL then Australian Rules Football was the only answer. I've seen it and those guys are the toughest.

Have a great weekend, mate.

Trevor Gay said...

Have a great weekend yourself Mike :-)

David Wike said...

Yes Mike, we play baseball here … only we call it rounders. It’s played by girls!

Trevor – judging by the way our star footballers are hurting themselves, perhaps a bit of padding wouldn’t go amiss.

Dmitry Linkov said...

Trevor - good luck to Manchester! This is a great team!

Btw - I've just finished reading a book about Sven Goran Eriksson, about his leadership model in managing the teams. It will be really interesting for me to now your, as a native British, opinion about him as a UK team coach?
What do you think about his work? (I'm not very good in football, so don't know much, usually only watch Eurocups and World Cups :).

Trevor Gay said...

Rounders indeed David – those Rounders girls remind me of the American baseball players come to think of it. Maybe we should teach our American friends Morris Dancing too :-)

Hi Dmitry – Sven??? Mmmm now you have opened up an interesting topic that I may make a new posting about. Sven is either liked or loathed in UK. He is an enigma. Many think he is just money grabber while others believe him to be an excellent coach.

My personal feeling is that he is a good coach but he regularly seems to make strange decision in his personal life.

He has returned to club football management this season with Manchester City and they have had three successive wins and are top of the Premier League after three games. They have not conceded a goal and so at the moment you could say Sven is a great success. But I would urge caution and let us wait before going overboard with praise until the end of the season after 38 games not after 3.

Mike Gardner said...

Rounders IS played by girls. Baseball, however, is played by overpaid millionaire whiners full of illegal steroids.

Let's get our facts straight, gentlemen.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for putting the record straight mike - and I have to say a few soccer players over here have the same image. Some of them are paid £100k per week and that - if my sums are correct - MEANS THEY ARE MILLIONAIRES IN 10 WEEKS. Amazing.

At the same time – and not wishing to put the damper on our humorous discussion - I was reminded again recently by Nicky Gumbel THAT 20,000 PEOPLE DIE EVERY DAY IN THE WORLD – mainly children- due only to poverty.

We do live in a very peculiar world.