Friday, December 12, 2008

iLearning Global

When it comes to leadership and management in business I have to admit to being a bit of a learning 'junkie.'

I crave information about these subjects; I love to read (even though I never do enough reading); whenever I get the chance I love to see top business speakers; and occasionally I attend training workshops that spark my interest.

Given my thirst for knowledge I was excited to come across iLearning Global – a whole new concept in learning in the new virtual world.

iLearning Global
is an online facility that transmits through your own PC some of the worlds top management experts and leading authors 24/7. The content is updated almost daily. iLearning Global uses high definition video streaming that only 6 other companies in the world have available including Disney so the picture quality is second to none.

This development shows the way in top quality, leading edge training taking advantage of the opportunities presented by our new virtual world.

I’ve already signed up to iLearning Global and I would love to hear what you think about the concept. I’m happy to exchange thoughts by e mail with anyone interested -


John O'Leary said...

As you know, Trevor, you're preaching to the choir with me - a certified crack head for this stuff. As an LLJ (lifelong learning junkie) I'm pretty inundated with books & PDFs so I'm especially enjoying the quick video approach. But even then whether I'm about to open a book (in the business or self help section of the book store) or watch a video I STILL have this arrogant notion that I'm not going to really learn anything new - which is beside the point anyway. I'm currently reading a T. Harv Eker book (about one's beliefs about money) that isn't telling me anything I haven't heard before, yet is still kicking my butt! The way it all works is quite mysterious to me.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi John – I’m sure there are a lot of us junkies actually. Nice to know it’s not an exclusive club.

Like you I recognise that arrogance in myself – I think I know it all and yet when I read a book it will pull me up in my tracks and remind me that I still have much more to learn.

My biggest problem is that I am one of the world’s great ‘book starters.’ I often have many books half, one third, two thirds read!

I love the short video sessions that provide us with top advice in short outputs. Finding 10 minutes every day to top up one’s knowledge from some of the world’s leading thinkers can never be a waste of time – and we can all find ten minutes – the self discipline and maintaining focus is what I need to ensure

Long live learning John!

mike said...

I did not recognize any of the names listed in the website. I also noted that no previews were available of the standard format videos and in order to preview the special HD videos I would have to download and install a plug-in. That tells me they are selling their technology rather than content. I also noted that their virtual tour was supposed to be active December 1 and it was not yet active on December 12. I think I will pass on this opportunity for now. How much did it cost you?

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mike – hope you and Keiko are well and that the move went well.

I’ve been in touch with iLearning Global about your questions and they tell me the following;

“It doesn’t cost money to install the plug-in. There are lots of previews of the standard format as well. In addition, the virtual tour is to go up this week. They are slightly behind. We are definitely not selling technology.”

As regards the people listed I do know a few of them – John Gray (I’m surprised you have not heard of “Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus” which is his worldwide best seller) and Allan Pease in particular.

Brian Tracy is well known, has written 19 books and this is from Wikipedia about him:

"The Brian Tracy College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Andrew Jackson University (a distance learning school based in Hoover, Alabama), is named after him and based on his teachings."

The cost for anyone signing up is 80 US dollars per month and I see that as great value for my learning.

pebbo said...

i don't know anything about this particular company but this industry -- internet learning -- is going to be big, so i'd expect a lot of competition for eyeballs.

Trevor Gay said...

I agree Pebbo - I am convinced internet learning is the way forward. At this time of recession it will also prove to be a very cost effective method of bringing the top people to organisations (or your own desktop PC) rather than sending employees to expensive per head conferences.

I think it is a case of watch this space.

I am very pleased to be involved at the beginning of this exciting journey. In ten years time this will be everyday training and personal development in my opinion

Where are you based?