Friday, June 20, 2008

The joy of being appreciated

Regular readers of my Simplicity Blog will remember a few weeks ago I posted my thoughts on the Pain of Learning. This was about some poor feedback we had after one of our Trust Me I’m a Patient workshops.

This morning in my email inbox came this from the person who commissioned our latest Trust Me I’m a Patient workshop yesterday morning.

‘Thanks so much for such a fun and useful workshop. I had a great time and am really pleased it went so well. The few people on my floor that also attended were still buzzing when they got back – it was the talk of the office for the afternoon! Feedback was fantastic and it was wonderful to see everyone engaging and having fun’.

So my posting today is not about the pain of learning but about the joy of being appreciated.

Say 'thank you' to someone today - they will enjoy the feeling - you might just make their day. And I suspect you will feel good for doing it


rocky said...

AHHH Persistence pays off once again. I knew that the "Pain of Learning" experience was a short lived problem. I knew that you would rebound in a big way. Congratulations on this last one going so well. Persistence has served you well.

Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Rocky. It felt pretty awful when we got that negative feedback and I guess the upside is that it forced us to check and re-check and question what we are doing in our workshop and how we are doing it.

I would say the workshops since that bad experience have been no different in presentation or style on our part so I conclude we had an unlucky day with some delegates who were not motivated to see the workshop as learning opportunity.

Nevertheless the ‘emotional Trevor and Annie’ were hurt – because we are as human as anyone else.

This latest affirmation is wonderful and made us forget the workshop of a few weeks ago!

Fascinating isn’t it Rocky how a few kind words of appreciation can make one feel so much better!