Thursday, June 12, 2008

Simplicity Blog in the Top 100

I was delighted to hear from one of my Simplicity friends John O'Leary that Simplicity Blog has been selected as one of the "Top 100 Management and Leadership Blogs" by HR World.

Click here for the evidence!

I'm never quite sure about these polls and who selects the Blogs but I am nevertheless thrilled to be mentioned in the same company as two of my heroes Tom Peters and Seth Godin.

I was particularly pleased that Simplicity Blog was in the category Creativity and Inspiration.

No fawning over Trevor please .... Compliments are very nice but just send me money....ONLY JOKING FOLKS!

PS - This is posting number 850 since I started Simplicity Blog in January 2005.


spinhead said...

No fawning? I'm not sure any of my weblogs even get read, let alone landing on a top 100 list of anything.

Recognition is critical. It's been said so often that a man won't sell you his life, but he'll give it to you for a bit of colored ribbin. Symbolic rewards, however small, remind us that someone is actually paying attention.

A hearty HOOrah (that's how my son Tristan always says it) for you, Trevor.

And just think: only 150 more posts until drinks are on the house!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Joel - I promise I will provide virtual drinks for all when we hit 1000!

Charles Rapson said...

Wow! I dunno who picks these either but what company. Not just the top 100 but top 20 - you are No 15.

Keep at it. One day I will be able to say to people "I knew him. We tried to meet up for a drink once or twice"

Congratulations & well deserved. It proves the power of values and integrity.


Mike Gardner said...

Excellent, Trevor. I'm with spinhead--since my wife stopped reading my blog regular readership has dipped by half. Only the dog reads it now! (And I'm not sure about the dog any more. We started letting her play Scrabble with us and it became apparent she only knows one word--woof!--and she doesn't know how to spell it.)

tomjam said...


Richly deserved recognition for your blog. It seems to me your blog is based on simple, effective principles which makes it rewarding to visit i.e.
-clear communication of your beliefs and passions
-a willingness to acknowledge other points of view
-replying to every posting (a lot of bloggers don't manage this)

I have thoroughly enjoyed and been stimulated by visiting your site (and I am going to email you soon as you kindly suggested a couple of weeks ago, to pick your brains.)

Keep up the good work.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Charles- thanks mate for your kind words and we will get that drink next month I’m sure. We are both busy folks but we need to make time for important things like our chats aimed at changing the world!

Mike – appreciate your thoughts thanks and I’m sure the dog will improve with practice – have you tried to teach her the word ‘walkies’?

tomjam- great to hear from you again – I take the view the least I can do is respond to someone who takes their time to comment. Look forward to hearing from you when you are ready.

Marilyn said...

Trevor, you should be proud of your accomplishment. Doesn't hurt to have Tom Peters as your champion, either--that's how I found the blog.

Who knew creatvity and simplicity go hand in hand? Makes sense though.

Cheers from across the pond,


rocky said...

Way to go Trevor. However, I am not surprised. There is much to say about persistence. You have been very persistent in your blogging and your theme of simplicity. You have risen with talent, a consistent clear message, persistence, and common courtesy. Not a bad list of qualities.

Trevor Gay said...

Marilyn and Rocky - you are too kind!

John O'Leary said...

850 posts in 3 years? Do you employ ghost writers? I'm shooting for 25 in 3 years. In the words of my favorite singer (JWL of course), "How do you sleep?"

Gabe said...

Way to go Trevor! Keeping a blog is challenging enough, sometimes, with a busy schedule. Getting it recognized and read is another thing all together. Congratulations!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi John - I've a good friend who always tells me 'sleep is over rated' :-) Seriously I love writing and don’t find it difficult to find things to write about. More important is that my Blog seems to attract comments which in turn inspire me to write more. A healthy circle I would say. I’m not sure how I would feel if there were no comments! I can only see usefulness in a Blog if it creates a conversation. I also like to work spontaneously rather than plan things to the finest possible detail before doing anything. John - Another wonderful lyric from the immortal John Lennon (also my hero) is ‘Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans’ – I guess that sums me up.

Gabe – hope you are well Sir and good to hear from you again. I’ve always been an activist/pragmatist and that’s reflected in my writing my writing style and output. You are right about keeping the subject matter challenging – I try to do that and I keep a careful eye on my ‘hits’ and ‘registrations’ to try and make sure the numbers at least stay the same and hopefully increase. Blogging is as competitive ‘out there’ as anything else in life and business. Authenticity and freshness (in that order) are perhaps the two most important aspect of any Blog in my opinion.