Sunday, February 03, 2008

Keep up the good work!

I’m sure, like me, you’ve been in departments, organisations or even a club where it seems a few people do the work and an awful lot of people appear to be happy by not putting much in. Someone used this wonderful metaphor to describe the concept.

‘It’s like a football (soccer) match. 30,000 people desperately in need of exercise watching 22 people desperately in need of a rest’

I heard recently of a light hearted letter about this scenario in respect of a Church and as a bit of light relief I thought I would publish this today. Enjoy!

Dear Minister

There are 566 members in our church, but 100 are frail and elderly. That leaves 466 to do all the work.

However, 80 are young people away at college. That leaves 386 to do all the work.

However, 150 of them are tired businessmen, so that leaves 236 to do all the work.

150 are housewives with children. That leaves 86 to do all the work.

There are 46 members who have other important interests. Which leaves 40 to do all the work, but 15 live too far away to come regularly. So that leaves 25 to do all the work.

And 23 of them say they've done their part.

So, Minister, that leaves YOU and ME and, frankly, I'm exhausted.

Good luck to you.

A. Parishioner

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