Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fox Business Network TV Interview

As a result of the recent article in the New York Times I was invited by Fox Business Network TV to go to London last Friday to take part in a live TV interview that was broadcast in the United States.

The Fox studio overlooks the River Thames and the House of Commons – a marvellous setting.

This was a new and wonderful experience for me and I was impressed with the people at Fox and the whole process.

The interview lasts almost 4 minutes.


Mike Gardner said...

How cool is that! Please don't forget all us "little people" who knew you when you were just like the rest of us!

Wonderful! Brilliant!

Trevor Gay said...

We are all the same size my friend in the eyes of the boss man.

Brian Ward said...

Great interview Trevor...some very simple (of course!) points that managers very often overlook: if you're not serving the customer, you're serving someone who is!

Trevor Gay said...

Very true Brian and as always based in reality

Cheers mate ... regards to you and Judy from Annie and me

Have a 'virtual' Guinness on us :-)

Steve Sherlock said...

Trevor, well done. I'll second Brian's comment on being very simple, by being so, it was an effective interview. Cheers!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Steve - I appreciate that -Best

CCz said...

Great interview Trevor,

That story of your interview on the train was great stuff.

A story, first-hand experience, mistery, and a message!!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Carlos - very useful just to ask people at the front line how it feels to be working in a company - always a good indicator.

Come on the Reds!!

The Dan Ward said...

How wonderful, Trevor! You looked very comfortable and smart - bravo! It was clear you knew your stuff and were having a good time.

And if you'll pardon the goofy American observation - I love the accent too... :)

Troy Worman said...

Wow! The interview didn't look like much of a stretch for you at all. You came across as calm, cool, collected and confident. It is an impressive showing. Congrats and kudos!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dan and Troy - very kind of you

I'm pleased the language 'travelled' over the pond. I think my nervousness was beforehand but once we got started Ashley was great as a host and made me feel comfortable. He said to just imagine it was an informal chat between me and him and ignore everything else. I felt good and the time just flew by.

Have a great weekend guys.

David Wike said...

Great interview Trevor. You got the key points across very effectively; voice modulation, gestures and facial expressions were excellent. Powerful finish! It’s not surprising that they want you back again.

Well done!

Ruth said...

Very effective Trevor, many congratulations & a huge well done.

Best wishes for sales :-)

Anonymous said...

Great interview Trevor.
You must have been focused to be se relaxed. I was curious how you would deal with the 'we have so many seconds left'. Your summary couldnt't be timed better.
Nice to watch you on video.


Trevor Gay said...

David – we will see if I get the chance to go back. Feedback from Fox has been good both from their London office and from their New York office.

Ruth – kind of you to make a comment – much appreciated. Hopefully it may help sales of the books and to help me get some more work so that we can eat after all in March

Frank – thanks as always – hope you are keeping well. I must check your Ajax football team results! As regards the ‘30 seconds to go summary’ – that was purely intuitive. I had no idea about the exact timing but it ‘felt’ about 30 seconds to me and the content was straight of the top of the head. I could pretend it is some great skill … but to be honest, intuition and luck are my two prominent thoughts on that! :- )

Judith Ellis said...

Go Trevor! Go Trevor! Go Trevor! I had to arise quite early to catch the interview and was happy I did.

Loved the story. I wish there could have been more time. More later...for sure.

The backdrop was great! And the reproduction here of images and sound here is quite good.

Bravo Trevor!

cgoose said...

Excellent interview. Admire that your message never waivers no matter who/what!!! Very impressed and have already shared with colleagues as a valuable learning tool.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Judith – the view from the Fox office in London over the Thames and London’s best known sites is awesome. I’d love to know how much Fox have to pay for that prime spot in our wonderful capital. It would have been good in some ways to have more time but on the other hand to have a deadline does concentrate one’s mind and means we have to get the message over with as few wasted words as possible.

cgoose – thanks for sharing the interview with others – let me know how it is received. My message has been consistent for as long as I can remember. Simplicity is my passion after well over 25 years of beating that drum. Anything and everything in management can be made simpler and I strongly believe front line employees have the answers we seek.

Rosa said...

Hana hou Trevor! As I listened to your interview I swear I could hear the cheers of every person on the front line - and every manager who does believe in engaging and honoring them (we do exist!) Your aloha was shining through.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rosa – I appreciate your comment.

We’ve all been at the front line in our careers. I like to think I still am by meeting my customer every day.

Front line employees are restricted rather than assisted by rules. Front liners are constrained quite often by managers who hold on to their perceived power rather than letting that power go to the front line.

We need more than ever in 2008 to allow front liners to fly - they don’t need 'managing' - they simply need to be given trust, freedom and the room to do the job more effectively – they have the ability they just need the freedom.

Felix Gerena said...

Congratulations. This makes me enormously happy. It is a real achievement and I feel very proud of what you have done.

I've even told my girlfriend about it and she was very impressed.


Charles Rapson said...

Spot on! You were really clear, professional and got your points across very efectively. Well done and I expect we will see more broadcasts and interviews from Trevor. Lets hope some senior management take note and act too!


Dmitry Linkov said...

Trevor! This is wonderful!
You are a star of British consulting =).

Kostas Panagias said...

Congratulations Trevor! Very good interview with simplicity suggestions. I hope we see you again in another (longer) interview!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Felix – you are very kind Amigo! – Hope you are keeping well and maybe we will hear wedding bells soon :- )

Hi Charles – thanks - The biggest difference senior managers can make is to let go of the power they think they have. Their best action would be to give the responsibility to front line staff and then get out of the way

Cheers Dmitry – hopefully you are not too cold in Moscow today! – thanks for looking in on Simplicity Blog again – keep well.

Hi Kostas – a follow up interview would be good and I would be delighted to go on again of course :-)

Richard Lipscombe said...


When you were on the Virgin train you must have been delighted to find such a great example of your "front liner" doing his job as you advocate... What was his name? What did Virgin say when you wrote to them to commend him for being loyal, informative, engaging, brand promoting, value adding, etc?

You must have been also been delighted that you were able to reward and to promote his behaviours to Virgin headquarters or was it to Sir Richard himself.

The real story here is about a front liner who did what you have been advocating all these years. We all crave such successes in our work - I know when these special events happen to me I celebrate big time. Front liners like your chap on the train were all over the hospital I just spent four days at this week.

The stand outs were Ward nurses Kathy and Silvie, Orthopedics surgery team Carley and Tim the physio Alex, the home setup facilitator Angie, and my meals and cups of tea facilitator Ross.

As you know Trevor I do not agree with a lot of your Simplicity notions - for me the world has moved on into a digital age where the likes of Amazon and eBay rules theory and practice not the likes of labour intensive models such as the NHS or public sector/private sector infrastructure organisaitons - but as you also know I agree wholeheartedly that front liners are what make the world go around and I am here to acknowledge and celebrate them.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Richard – I had a lovely reply from Virgin Head Office when I wrote complimenting the young man. The reply was not from Sir Richard personally but I was pleased to get a reply from HQ.

I’m delighted your stay in hospital was made more bearable thanks to the many front liners involved. So often people who make the teas or clean the floors or deliver the post are not seen as key members of healthcare teams but we both know they are just as important as any other spoke in the wheel.

If we look ahead 10 years I agree that business will bear little resemblance to the present world of work. One thing I will still advocate at that time though is more and more simplicity. Management can be made much simpler and we all know that.

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Trevor Gay said...

Hi there and thanks for visiting Simplicity Blog. Good luck with your website - it sounds like a great cause you are leading. I remember when I was a youngster that Cancer was a word that was never mentioned. Nowadays there is far more awareness but it seems there is still a long way to go to beat the disease entirely.

Rocky said...

As always you came across as very genuine and authentic. That is most likely because you are very genuine and authentic. Great interview with a great message. I hope the momentum continues foryou as you well desrve it.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rocky - you are my role model for authenticity Amigo :-)

Jim Baker said...

Excellent and real...Trevor

The "virgin" story drove home the point....that is why great companies rise to the top as
SWA here in America.

Perhaps irrelevant...why
the open collar as opposed to
a shirt, tie, coat?

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Jim - open shirt and no tie because that was how I felt most comfortable. I did debate in my own head and indeed with my wife Annie befroe I left for the studio about whetehr to wear a suit and tie but 5 minutes before the interview I decided taht was not rteally me. I much prefer informality and decided to go with my heart. What do you think?

Susie Q said...

Excellent interview and wonderful material. Imagine that--after all the smoke settles from the eternally churning wheels of American business, the answer to most porblems is "Simplicity." Brilliant!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for that Susie – I agree with you. It’s just a shame many people in business keep telling me what I’m talking about is far too simplistic … I rest my case :-)

Jim Baker said...


"I much prefer informality and decided to go with my heart. What do you think?"

I vote for coat/tie...
1) The interviewer wore that
2) It was a business interview
3) The background was impressive
4) Coat/tie projects credibility
in this environment
5) What would TP wear? :)

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Jim – an interesting viewpoint and I respect your opinion.

I guess we all have to go with how we feel comfortable. Yes it was a business interview but do ALL business settings have to have uniformity of dress code?

Marilyn said...

Dear Trevor,

It was so great to actually see and hear you in the video. TV is an unforgiving medium. You came across as real, and if so called business leaders can't understand the value in what you said, they don't get it. And they don't get out of their offices very often.

I'm with you as far as your choice of garb. You notice in my photo--no stuffy suit. You look like your real self!

Marilyn said...

Dear Trevor,

It was so great to actually see and hear you in the video. TV is an unforgiving medium. You came across as real, and if so called business leaders can't understand the value in what you said, they don't get it. And they don't get out of their offices very often.

I'm with you as far as your choice of garb. You notice in my photo--no stuffy suit. You look like your real self!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Marilyn - that is great advice from an expert speaker such as yourself - I value that greatly - Take care.

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