Tuesday, July 10, 2007

'Trust Me I'm a Patient' - 14th Episode

Early start on the train at 7.15 am for Annie and me as we head up to ‘Geordie’ land in South Shields near Newcastle tomorrow for our 14th Trust Me I’m a Patient workshop … Good fun and serious learning in the same workshop.

As I always say at the outset of every workshop …. ‘It really is not compulsory to be miserable at work.’

Another 80 delegates tomorrow … that means almost 800 delegates have now been through our workshop. We are both very proud of that.

More details can be seen by clicking here

In a nutshell it is about trying to get NHS staff and managers to see change through the eyes of patients….

We love it!! And feedback to date has been good


Dan said...

Wow, that's fantastic! Congrat's on #14, and let me say again how much I love the title of your workshop.

Wonderful, wonderful stuff!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dan - we got back this evening after a long day of over 14 hours but it was well worth it - the workshop was superb with excellent feedback. It is always an absolute pleasure to work with folks who are well motivated