Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Change and Age

How we deal with change has always interested me. I have often been told no one likes change and I think I have probably used that expression too in my work. The first and natural reaction to change is to oppose it is another expression I hear regularly. People who have been around a long time in one environment find change more difficult is another sweeping generalisation I have heard and maybe used myself. Older people find change more difficult is another.

These throw away ‘stereotype’ comments go on and on.

Where am I going with this?

The point is I believe as I have got older I have actually found change easier to accept than when I was younger … Or at least I don't see change as threatening or difficult. I am able to see it with optimism and with hope.

I consider myself an optimistic type of person and I believe I always see the glass as half full rather than half empty.

What are you views and your personal experiences of dealing with change?


Excited Red said...

I tend to agree that one gets a bit more relaxed about change with advancing years. Maybe it’s because it becomes more familiar the more times it’s experienced!

I confess to being very apprehensive about the proposals for Liverpool’s new football stadium. After all, Anfield is a very special place with an atmosphere second to none. But having seen the plans for the new stadium I realise that this is definitely a change for the better. We will now have the best stadium in the world as well as the best team and best supporters!

Perhaps a change would be good for you Trevor – become a Liverpool fan!

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you excited Red! - What a great name.

I suspect your are someone who knows me :-)

Me become a Liverpool fan?

As much chance of that as of Margaret Thatcher becoming the leader of the National Union of Miners.

I wish Liverpool well in their new stadium and if you keep on dreaming my friend one day they may even win their first Premiership Title.... as we at Manchester United set off this season in search if our tenth title or is it eleven? - I have lost count as we have won it so many times :-)

Liverpool certainly does have great supporters – it’s just that there are not as many of them as United and Liverpool may one day in the distant future become a world wide brand like United.

So all in all the school report for Liverpool FC reads ‘If you keep trying hard then one day you may begin to approach the level that Manchester United were at ten years ago'

Great banter ... and thanks again - I hope you will come back to Simplicity Blog - I am a nice guy really :-)

Mike Gardner said...

Trevor, it's easy to be a fan of a top performing team. The real fans are those who continue to stick by "their" team even while they struggle year after year. As Shakespeare wrote, "the true warrior fights only for the lost cause, realizing all others are mere effects."

As for change and age, I agree except when it comes to computer use. For some reason people who do not become comfortable with computers at a comparatively young age seem to resist that change (through fear, I think) mightily. It is always great to see that fear turn into excitement when they finally face the music and begin to learn how wonderful the e-world can be.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mike – I agree with you completely that real supporters stick with ther team - that is precisely what I have always done.

I’ve supported Manchester United since 1963 and during that time there have been many barren times with no trophies. For instance Man United went 27 years without winning the premiership title from 1965 to 1992. I have stuck by Manchester United through thick and thin since I was 11 years old 44 years ago and I will be a United fan until I die.

Both my professional life and my personal have modern IT at the centre and I would be lost without it. I think it is a wonderful time to be alive as we explore the world through the internet, e mail and Blogging. I now have for more friends I have never met than those I have met.

Take care my friend and regards to Keiko

Dan said...

My favorite t-shirt says "Change" on the front and "Everything" on the back...

Overstatement? Of course. But only a little... ;)

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dan - I like it.