Monday, July 23, 2007

Well ... what a week that was ….

We are in!! …

'That was the Week That Was' As the song goes

A fabulously exciting week and we are beginning to settle into our lovely new abode – if you want a laugh you can see some pictures at Annie’s Blog by clicking here

I have missed Blogging and communicating via e-mail in the last week as I have only had time do the barest minimum.

We have got our office set up nicely – although we are still using cardboard boxes as shelves and stationery cupboards until I can get around to fitting some shelves. I'm afraid the office is not the most important priority – things like toilet roll holders and towel rails come ahead of office luxuries.

I will be firing on all cylinders again in the next few days.


David Wike said...

Hope you fitted those toilet roll holders in sensible places. Don’t want that bloke who goes round photographing loos ridiculing the ergonomics!

Rocky said...

Glad to hear you and Annie are getting settledin. It will not just be a house I think it will truly be a home. Best wishes

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks David and Rocky - much appreciated and I promise I will be very careful about where the toilet roll holder goes David - after all I am a toiletrologist :-)

Have a great week both of you.