Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How to Deal with Anger

I was listening to a talk from Nicky Gumbel today on my MP3 player whilst on a train journey to London. The talk is called ‘How to Deal with Anger. ’ It is an incredibly moving talk and in one part of it Nicky talks about how people act out anger in the work setting. Nicky uses the 4 M’s of Rick Warren to illustrate this.

It is a really neat list and I recognise all 4 types of behaviours from my NHS career.

I believe I am a bit of each but of course other people are better qualified to say which 'M' I fall into.

The 4 M’s

Maniacs - These are people on a short fuse who yell and curse.

Mutes - These are the silent types who ‘hold it in’ and simmer and stew on things.

Martyrs – These hold 'pity parties' and make everyone miserable.

Manipulators – These don't get mad - they get even. They use sarcasm and play office politics to get even.

I’d love to hear if you recognise any or all of them in your work ..... and is anyone brave enough to tell us which 'M' they are?

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