Sunday, January 14, 2007

'Google' trust their staff.

Professor Gary Hamel

I'm unashamedly carrying on the theme of a previous Simplicity post about how - as managers - we must learn to TRUST our front line staff.

I was reminded of a talk I heard from Professor Gary Hamel in November 2005.

Professor Hamel is a superb speaker and he told us - among other things – about some of the policies of Google as a ‘new kid on the block’ company in the world of modern business.

Apparently Google allows all staff 20% of their week to do whatever they want to do. That is one day a week for those folks who work a five day week.

Google take the view it is likely staff will do something interesting and that in turn will bring benefit to the company.

And who in their right mind would argue that Google have got it wrong in the last five years?

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