Monday, December 11, 2006

Exercise Exercise!

You too could end up like this!

Sad to say our exercise regime has slipped in the last six months. What with moving house and our wedding this is something that has slipped on to the back burner!

In the early part of 2006 Annie and I ran 5km three or four times a week combining that with a visit to our health club for a swim and some weight training.

I have just read a BBC report (click here for details) about the importance of exercise and its place in helping avoid heart disease. The report stresses the importance of regular exercise. The report also says half the population does no exercise at all!

Everyone knows this makes sense but we both seem to have lost our previous focus. It seems hard work now.

Reading this report it is clear we are not alone but we have promised ourselves we will try harder!

One of the inevitable consequences is weight gain and in my case I am now heavier than at any time in my life. I am too much of a gentleman to comment about Annie's weight and she is as beautiful as ever!

I am sure one of the reasons for the weight gain is contentment but there really is no defence about the lack of regular exercise – the focus must return!

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