Monday, December 04, 2006

Aggie and Lil

Annie and I performed a short comedy sketch yesterday (Sunday) at our Church.

The theme of the service was to celebrate the upcoming birth of Jesus and as part of that we played the parts of two Birmingham women of the 1950's. They were having a discussion around the kitchen table over a cup of tea.

Aggie (played by Annie) explained to Lil (played by Me) how she had been whisked back in time from 1953 to Bethlehem by Dr Who, to witness the birth of Jesus. Then Dr Who apparently took Aggie through time again to the future (2006) where Aggie was amazed to discover such things as telephones without wires, that even young children had all to themselves. She was gobsmacked!

As a highly respected and sober professional manager I would just like to say that this type of 'dressing up' on my part is done purely in the interests of entertainment and research :-)

Annie wrote a wonderful script and it seemed to go down well with the congregation.

If you really have to you can see more pics by clicking here


Anonymous said...

so cooooool))))))))

Trevor Gay said...

Maybe we should have more role-play and drama in our work Dmitry - at least people will smile a lot more at work :-)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

A cross dresser eh,still you do look sweet ! :)

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Andrew - as stated - purely of course in the interest of research :-)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

That's exactly what I would have used as an excuse ! And indeed have had to many a time after a Christmas Party :)

Trevor Gay said...

Just getting in touch with my feminine side I guess :-)