Saturday, May 21, 2005

In Mourning

I am in mourning as Manchester United lost the F A Cup final against Arsenal today despite dominating the entire match.

United lost 5-4 on penalties and although people will say the best team always wins, even the most ardent Arsenal fan would say Manchester United were easily the better team today and should have won the match.

But of course if you do not convert you chances then you do not win the match.

Oh well .. never mind .... there is always next seaon


Rocky said...

It certainly was heartbreaking. Especially to lose it the way it happened. I thought it may go on forever. It was a match for the ages. However, if you atre like me, I think it is only an Epic match if my team wins. If they lose, I want it to never be shown again. It is all good sport. The hope has to be that they come back stronger and more determined next year.

Trevor Gay said...

Ditto Rocky - Sir Alex is always at his most powerful when the odds are aginst him!

Watch the Reds next season - they will be back!

Annie said...

I attempted to have a quiet afternoon on the sofa with Trevor on Saturday afternoon while I read the newspapers... NO CHANCE! My ear drums are perforated after listening to him shout every time Manchester United nearly scored. PARDON???