Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Seeking Stability in an Unstable World

This statement summarises my opinion that many managers and staff in organisations want the world "stand still for a day or two" so they can catch up and enjoy some stability and predictability.


  • Knowledge, information and speed force us to carry on at a faster pace – “just to keep up” with the way things are developing and changing.

In other words, many want to see a semblance of order, process and structure - but - we live and work in unstructured organisations where those facets simply do not exist any more - a fascinating paradox.

My view about coping with the current environment is pragmatic:

  • I think we must learn to live in the unstable world of unpredictability - bordering on chaos – then rise above it to a state where we welcome, encourage and celebrate change.

Throughout history, people have risen to challenges. The current Information Technology “revolution” presents us another massive challenge.

I think history will record that we are currently living through something as profound as both the agricultural and industrial revolutions.


/pd said...

There are some men who life the age they inhabit, till all men walk on higher grounds in that lifetime - Maxwell Anderson.

I think that the 21c is the century which will certainly demarc the frontiers of society- Those who value chaos and new thought process are the one's which will benifit. I create a manifesto on this thought flick'r some time ago. Take a peek into this entry http://peterdawson.typepad.com/blog/2004/10/value_choas_tib.html

take time to go thru the Powerpoint. Its a bunch of laughs.. imho worth reading :)-

Anonymous said...

We are experimenting many changes these days because technologies are being integrated in our daily lives, that's a fact. I think these technological advances came in response to people's demands by filling in an space of emptyness and profound insatisfaction in society due to many other reasons. It responded for instance to the deep incommunication that exist nowadays, even we are supposed to live in the era of global communications (quite paradogic)and indeed to that lack of serious values and high principles.
The technological revolution is a challenge, but more important, the situation underneath it is the real challenge.
People is supposed to rise when facing challenges...supposedly yes, but for doing do, one need to have the guts!...

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for the comments

My view is pragmatic - the new technology must be our servant - not our master.

We must be in control of it and not allow it to control us. There is still nothing better in communications than that wonderful face to face contact - technology will never replace that.

I love the new technology - it is central to my entire business base - I thirst for improvements in technology but I place a greater value on human to human contact

Take care