Saturday, March 19, 2005

Margaret Thatcher - please note

"Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community."

- Anthony J. D'Angel

I remember a Margaret Thatcher quote in the 1980's that success is all about the individual and I believe she said somthing like;

'There is no such thing as community.'

I hope, in her old age, she stumbles on this quote and reflects.

She was a terrific leader without a doubt - maybe one of Britians greratest political leaders ever - but maybe, just maybe, she was blind to words like compassion and caring.


/pd said...

Trevor: I think Charles Handy said it best. He was one of those British Mngt Guru's and still his concepts are very powerfull.

"A public corporation should now be regarded not as piece of property but as a community- although a community created by common purpose rather than by common place. No one owns a community…. The core members of community are more properly regarded as citizens rather than as employees or “human resources” – citizens with responsibilities as well as rights. -Charles Handy

Take a look at my TIB#2 which I posted a long time ago. Embeded is the Community concepts.

you may get a kick out of it.. or a rather different viewpoint on cimmunitities :)-

/pd said...

I dunna why the link is getting trancated.. but look under my knowledgemanagement catogory and you'll find it there !!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Peter - I had come across the Handy quote before and I have always rated his writing highly.

I love the concept of citizenship in business - in my experience too many people are treated like children without the right to vote - by arrogant and out of touch managers.

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