Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Aim High

"Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was."

- Dag Hammarskjvld

This quote made me reflect on my career.

Sometimes it seems that the task in hand is beyond our ability, our detemination, our knowledge, our experience or the time we have available.

When we achieve our objective it never seems as hard as it did when we started the journey.

I wonder if this is the feeling the top people in their profession have?

I always remember an old boss saying if you aim low you will always achieve your objective.


Dee said...

Dear Trevor

I love the site and it sums up my total parts so far in life.... I am lucky enough to know a great man called Pen Hadow who was the first man to travel the most difficult route to the North Pole, alone and unsupported for the whole journey.(His book is called "Solo"). He shared a quote with me the other day that said

"Never be afraid to try something new, Amateurs built the Ark, Professionals built the Titanic..."

A true leader inspires us all to do our best and beyond. Have a great life, Dee.

Trevor Gay said...

Hello Dee

Thanks for that comment - I love the quote - it will be used in my presentations from now!

I have often said I would work for half my pay for 'real' leaders -

For others - who call themselves leaders - I wouldn't work if they doubled my wages.

Take care Dee - keep rattling the cage.