Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Hope ... I hope

Photo from BBC

It was absolutely brilliant to hear President Obama in London this morning talk of his belief in the ‘very special relationship’ between the UK and the US.

I suggest Britain has always been the staunchest of all allies to the US. Long may that continue as far as I am concerned. I feel privileged to have a number of great friends in the US. When I hear your new President talk in such warm terms about my own country I have sense of great pride.

To learn from each other; understand each other; help and support each other seems a great place to start from whether we talk about nations or individuals. President Obama inspires far more confidence than his predecessor. It feels like a new dawn. It is not about who is the senior partner – it is about working together.

I’m convinced President Obama has the potential to be the leader who changed the balance from an obscene worship of money to the care, development and support of people.

I certainly wish him well from this side of the pond.


mark jf said...

I'd be interested to know if you feel the same sense of pride when you hear Mr. Brown talk about our country. Or whether Mr. Brown inspires more confidence than his predecessor. Or whether he represents a new dawn.

With all due respect to President Obama, I feel it speaks volumes about the character and ability of our own leaders that a foreign visitor can inspire new hope. My hope is that he will show by example the sort of leadership we have been lacking and that someone, of whichever political party, will emerge and emulate or even exceed his example.

(BTW, you should refer to President Obama, not Mr...!)

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mark - I've change it to President Obama - my mistake sorry.

I ALWAYS feel a sense of pride whenever anyone talks well of our country and whoever they are.

Mr Brown does NOT inspire more confidence than his predecessor as far as I am concerned.

I agree that President Obama inspiring me tells me an awful lot about ALL politicians in this country. Apart from Vince Cable not one of the high profile politicians of any party inspire me one iota to be perfectly honest.

There are some back benchers and less well known MP’s who do make me feel good including Adrian Sanders and David Taylor who are just great for their local people.

I also agree with you about the leadership role model I hope we see from the new President – lets face it, someone has to show some leadership somewhere!

Mark JF said...

Amen about Vince Cable. I wish we could clone him, add about 500 versions to the H of C, keep maybe 150 of the current bunch for the sake of debate and perspective - and then we'd have a quality Parliament!

Trevor Gay said...

We agree Mark! - That's at least 3 times since Christmas we have agreed - things are looking up.

Maybe you, me and David Wike should form a new party. David has already suggested the title 'The Decent Party! - sounds good to me :-)

I like Vince Cable a lot.

Seriously, I am beginning to come back from my life long view of being a Labour Supporter. Though I suspect I will never vote Tory I am definitely questioning my own lifetime held views about Labour.

Mind you as my hero Tony Benn says

‘I am a socialist – a member of the Labour Party – I never joined a party that was called ‘New Labour’!’

J.KANNAN said...

"New Hope...I Hope"

A nice title and I Hope you will like my impressions on the topic.

I was in a pensive mood after reading the article on “Frank” and was not able to write.

One should always keep the Hope alive as we don not know what Hope has in store for one.

Let's all keep our Hope alive and Hope for the best from the Leadership of US President Barrack Hussein Obama benefiting all the people of United States Of America (A country with people in Unity and unison) to keep with Pace and in PEACE and with good diplomatic relations with rest of the countries- Of curse I haven't heard his speech, to elaborate upon it- May be I have to wait until he visits India.............

India too had been maintaining very good diplomatic as well Trade relations with United States of America in the past and with our new and renewed Hope, it should improve and better, than during the regime of George Bush, Obama's predecessor. Its my opinion that majority of the people in United States and other parts of the globe feels that President Obama will inspire and instill confidence, faith and belief, in people of United States, contrary to George Bush-may be to reconcile with the second part of is name, remained in the bush not much concerned
About United States and its people enjoying all the privileges and paraphernalia’s of White House, excepting on Iraq and Sadam Hussein- and yet he couldn't do a damn thing to capture Bin Laden (The most wanted criminal/terrorist) who has caused greatest of damages to the Unites States monetarily and in terms of precious human lives, and still posses to be a great threat to United States and its people. May be it was not in the list of priorities of "George Wild Bush."

You are right Trevor a great place start with and from is, to learn from each other, to under stand each other, to look at each other and to look after each other as ones "Best of Friends" rather than the other way.

For President Obama it’s certainly like a new dawn and it’s for him to make use of the daily dawn to bloom all the flowers of USA (I mean all people of United States) and thereby set an exclusive example in the history of United States- Never Miss this Opportunity President...

Let's all Hope & Hope that President Obama will perform to the satisfaction of the people of the United States and bale out the people whoever be suffering from the cause and effect of the so called recession and not to make them Hop & Hop, as its not likely to happen (I mean Hop) as he will be too happy to continue liven in White House for another four years term on completion of his present tenure.

I love this great country, as I was privileged to live there for a very short period way back in early 1980s in New York (Manhattan) and I did enjoy my living there.


Trevor Gay said...

Hi JK – I have not yet visited the US and it remains one of my great unfulfilled ambitions. I would love to meet up with so many friends in the US that I have made through Blogging.

President Obama does not have a difficult act to follow – most people seem to agree on that much!

I feel the new President will make a huge impact and I believe we are living through a time that will be long remembered as a turning point in history. I get the feeling President Obama is determined to turn around this greed and individualism that has led us the state we are now in throughout the western world. Bankruptcy through greed is where we are. I am not pinning all hope on one man – that would be unfair - but I like the look of President Obama.

J.KANNAN said...


I was a selected on merit and was an invited guest of United States by Pan American World Airways Inc., a leading airline of United States those good old days. For an intensive training. At New York.

Wherever I have referred to President Obama, it goes without saying it consists of his team, he with his exclusively selected people with caliber and determination to achieve the target of their special assignments and ‘am personally happy that some of the people are Indians/Indian Origin.

I totally agree with you that no single person can ever achieve such a Herculean task of cleaning the muck and re-storing the economy of United States that was left behind in a pretty bad shape by his predecessors... and if President Obama is able to make it up it will be written in indeleble Golden letters in the history of the Unites states-Let's all hoe'This will Happen"


Trevor Gay said...

Hi JK - I also hope he can do it.

As President Obama said to the American people during his election campaign

"Yes we can!"