Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Simplicity and Potential

I am indebted to my good friend Rocky Noe from Kentucky, US for this wonderful short piece about the famous US author Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) whose “Walden, or Life in the Woods” is regarded as a classic American book exploring natural simplicity, harmony, and beauty as models for just social and cultural conditions.

I know that many people see the world through a complexity lens. I prefer a Simplicity lens and I am delighted to have discovered Mr Thoreau’s thoughts in this piece which is about potential.

Here we go ….

Is it true that I must limit myself? Is it true that I have a definite “ceiling of potential”? Are some people’s ceilings built higher than others’?

There are indeed, mental ceilings built above people, limiting them; limiting their potential, limiting their resources, and eventually generating their finalities.

These structures are not physical formations. It would take a man many days to build such a powerful, sturdy structure in physicality.

Ceilings of potential, on the other hand, are created in one’s mind simply by personal decisions. When we choose to harbour limiting beliefs we build our own personal ceilings. Therefore, we are only limited by ourselves.

Henry David Thoreau, was a self-willed writer in the Transcendentalism Era who firmly believed in the limitlessness of human potential. He once prompted, “Advance confidently toward your dreams, and you’ll meet success.” Don’t limit yourself. Others can’t limit you. It may seem as though they can at times, but in truth, each person is his own individual obstacle to surpass.

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions,” Thoreau explained, “perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.” Thoreau is referring to his commonly-drilled objective of persistence symbolized by “drummers” that one hears, which provoke self-inspiration and motivation, toward a given action or circumstance. What motivation will you follow? What limitations will you put on yourself?

There is no doubt that life itself puts limitations on us. We are given certain natural potential limits. I can’t be the seven-foot tall giant that I would love to be. I just wasn’t born with the genetics of being tall, but I choose to make up for that with what is available to me. I was born with the ability to develop a superior work ethic. I can choose to make that work ethic superior to just about anyone else you will ever meet. I can choose to work harder and be willing to last longer than anyone else to get what I want. That is how I can choose to break through my natural barriers or “potential ceiling.”

Play to your strengths. Persist right now and don’t think too deeply into things in life.” Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” is how Thoreau relates this concept. Figure out what you can do, and do not settle for what you can’t do.

Understanding your potential and your ability to persist is much more useful than dwelling on and mulling over your limitations.


J.KANNAN said...

An excellent topic for discussion, and before I proceed further with my impressions on the topic let me thank Rocky Noe for the topic in brief write -up from the book of a geart author Henry David Thoreau - "Walden or Life in the Woods.".Henry David a great and intellectual author but short lived just 45 years- and did the work of over 100 years, a century and half ago. I am putting a hold for two mimiminute to offer my reverence and prayers in silence in honour of this great author- May his noble and humble soul rest in peace and love, in the heavenly abode......

Yes if only people see the world through simplicity, they would have discovered and delighted many things in their lives for betterment of themselves and to the humanity. The attitude should be "SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT" like, to unlimit the potential and to excel in their endeavours limitlessly. One should not try to limit ones potential and resources by personal mental ceilings, instead break the ceilings and barriers to reach beyond sky.

Does'nt matter if its going to take many days to build up the power of getting away with the limitations and ceilings on potential and resources, as one has to make a begining. and earlier the beter. Its totally in order and right that limiting resources and potential by building up personal ceilings are due to ones own mental block-up(limitations) created by oneself and no external factors can be blamed for this and made accountable.

Henry David thought of all these facts and realities more than a century and a half ago- and did contribute immensely and in today's world with such beautiful and excelent tips and written guidance being made available handy ,why not people grasp it to increasing the potential rather then limiting them?

To day I ave learned a most memorable and inspiing quote of Henry David from his fine words:-


Break through the ceilings and barriers that prevents thebuild-up and growth of potentail and play to your strength to maximise the potential to the fullest extend.-Do it here and now and right now. as informed and inspired by Henry David.. All said and done, Henry David is not going to come bach, atleast why not to make use of his concepts, ideas, tips, and inspiration for our own and for the sake and good of the humanity and society.

The last paragraph is exceedingly wonderful, beautful and amazing and that one small paragraph should enthuse and infuse thoughts to follow the way suggested by Henry David.

I once again thank Rocky Noe for his initiative and to Trevor for diplaying such a beautiful post in simlicity platform and 'am sure it will benefit all the beloved readers and friends of "Simplicity"

And now to regenerate enthusiasm and the vital force of thinking towards multiplying the potential, here goes a "fillip" and hope it will benefit the beloved simplicity readers.

Have firm determination and burning desire for achievements in life and earnestly work for it.

"Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It's a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment."

"Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs of tedium and distaste. The gain in self confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labor is immense."


Trevor Gay said...

Hi JK - I like - "The sky is not the limit"

I was pleased to receive this from Rocky who is a great friend.

I've always felt we are held back as much as anything by our own reluctance to set an aim and then go for it. I have found in my life and definitely in my work taht if I am really focused and determined I can usually achieve my aims - however high I have set them. It is wonderful to know we can do this.

Doors that appear closed are often ajar and if we push it is quite often the case that these doors open and take us to another place on the journey to our aim.

‘I think therefore I am’ mentality is needed quite often.

Have a great weekend Sir and thanks again.

Rocky said...

I am glad you liked this. I wish I could take credit for it, but my son Caleb wrote this. Not bad for a 16 year old. It made me very proud to see his point of view and to see his personality and sense of work ethic developing.

J.KANNAN said...

Unbelievable,yet amazing and fantastic words of wisdom thoughts from your son Caleb. Believe me Rocky, caleb is going to rock the world with his great points of view, knowledge filled persoanlity and a very good sense of ethics upon entering working arena.

What a potential, coupled power filled imagination and concepts, yet with simplicity, to this young boy.

May God Bless & Grace you and your family, Rocky- and May Caleb bring pride and prestige to his great parents.


Trevor Gay said...

JK - I agree with you - Caleb clearly has fantastic potential.

I was honoured to have a telephone conversation with young Caleb a year or so ago. He is clearly a son that any father would be proud of.

I know Rocky is very proud of Caleb and indeed Caleb’s brother whose name escapes me at this time.

When I see the talent of young people such as Rocky’s boys it makes me feel very confident we can leave our world in capable hands when we are no longer around.

Rocky - you are a real star Amigo!!