Friday, September 21, 2007

Welcome Reece

At 3.41 am Friday 21 September 2007 my second Grandchild came into this world.

My daughter Nadine gave birth to Reece – a brother for Sebastian who is now two and a half years old.

This photo was taken just over an hour ago. To me as a 'mature student' on such things this technology seemed the stuff of science fiction not so long ago!

I got a phone text multi media message from Nadine which contained this photo. Annie, who is my in-house IT consultant as well as the best wife in the world, worked out how to download the picture to my PC and here I am with the ability to proudly show Reece to the whole world just over an hour later – I’m gobsmacked!

Thank you so much God for protecting Nadine and delivering Reece safely into our world.

Somehow my painful gum infection seems less important …… Life is so precious.


Dan said...

Congrat's - she's beautiful! What a wonderful gift!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dan - Reece is actually a boy. You are so kind to say what you said and I know your sentiment is heartfelt. You are so right - God provides us with such wonderful gifts.

Dick Field said...

Trevor --

Haven't checked in for a while . . . but it's amazing how grandparenting brings us out of the woodwork. I fully understand your joy and your enthusiasm, having had two new granddaughters in the last month (from my two daughters). Isabella is quite healthy, and sweet little Lucy is struggling with a rare lung disorder (but with all the family and friend support, hopes, and prayers - not to mention top-notch pediatric talent - we know she will win).

When I was younger, I never quite understood why grandparents went so ga-ga over grandchildren - until I had six of my own!

A particular joy only another grandparent could fully understand.

Congrats and all the best to you, little Reece, and the family.

-- Dick

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you for your kind comments Dick and congratulations on the birth of your new grandchildren too. We will pray for young Lucy. You are right - it is a very special feeling being a grandparent – I was saying today to Annie that there is a warm feeling knowing one’s blood line has passed to a new generation.

Rosa said...

Mahalo for sharing the wonderful news and sweet picture Trevor! So much promise in that angelic face :) and I am thrilled to know of your blessings. Much aloha to you and the entire family; I am positive that Reece will thrive in your love.

Trevor Gay said...

Many thanks Rosa for your kind words. We are blessed by God.

kirk said...

Congratulations Trevor! He is a keepah!

Brian Galbraith said...

Wonderful news Annie and Trevor and the whole family. What a joy! Who would have thought, mate, that we, at this age, would be enjoying these gifts of communication and sharing - praise God indeed for all good things!

And, Dick, we'll have little Lucy in our prayers.

Brian G, Perth Australia

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Kirk - you are very kind - 'keepah' is a new one on me but thanks anyway - I must look it up on Google!

Brian - lovely to hear from you mate and needless to say we are both thrilled with the news of Reece. You are so right .... we can all pray for little Lucy and God always hears. We both send our love to you, Gayle and family. Take care and keep takin' the pills mate! :-)

Dick Field said...

Trevor and Brian --

Thanks for your kind words about our Lucy. I really didn't mean to be a distraction, but, gosh, thank you for your humanity across all the miles. I will pass your wonderful thoughts along to my daughter and her husband.

I'll have to wipe that tear from my eye now, guys . . .

Warm regards,

-- Dick

Trevor Gay said...

Dick - no distraction whatsoever - prayers are the least we can do :-)

Terry Starbucker said...

Congrats Trevor! I have this feeling that you are quite the doting grandfather. Gobsmacked indeed! Thanks for sharing this precious picture.

Trevor Gay said...

Your 'feeling' is spot on Terry :-)

Thanks for your comment my friend.