Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Eagles are Back!!!

I have been a fan of The Eagles for as long as I care to remember.

I was thrilled to hear they are about to release their first studio recorded album since 1979. ‘Long Road out of Eden’ will be available in October and contains 20 new Eagles songs.

One track 'How Long' was released as a single two weeks ago and can be heard on the You Tube link above.

Annie and I has the great joy of seeing The Eagles in Concert on their Farewell 1 Tour when they visited the NIA, Birmingham in June 2006.
That was another ambition achieved - to see the band for real.

They were brilliant live and this latest release will hopefully see The Eagles in the charts again- that would be incredible. If not it won’t matter to the millions of Eagles fans around the world who will buy the album anyway.

Enjoy this if you are a fan of The Eagles and if you are not … one question ...

Why not??!!!!

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