Friday, January 28, 2005

You are never too old

Age fascinates me

The greatest influence academically and professionally on me has been Professor George Giarchi who is now 74 and has a three year part time contract with Plymouth University as a lecturer.

I am honoured to say George is my supervisor.

When I had my last supervision session with George I asked what he would do when this contract was finished and he would be 76 ... George looked surprised and said he will be looking for another contract of course.

George has as much energy as many 18 year olds I know.

Age is irrelevant in most things we do...

Fascinating.... I was prompted to write this by an e mail received from George this morning that once more reminded me of his fabulous qualities ... modesty and humility ... and yet so brilliant in motivating others...

Thank George for everything ... I hope I can still come for my supervision when you are 100...if - of course - you will be able to fit me in to your busy schedule

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