Sunday, January 30, 2005

Check, Follow Up, Then Check and Follow Up Again

‘The Problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished’
George Bernard Shaw

I am really interested in communication ….

I have often been accused of obsessional checking that things have been done.

The older I get the more I believe I am right.

I recently wanted to get some documentation signed in time for a reduction in my January payment of a certain direct debit.

I decided to trust the system between my Solicitor and my Building Society without chasing either of them. I was assured the forms would be processed in time for my payment at the end of January.

I must admit I had an uneasy feeling and felt I should check that things were actually happening that I was told would happen … but no … for once I decided to let the system happen without my ‘interference.’

Of course it was a mistake not to check and chase and when I finally did chase things it was too late to effect the reduced payment for my direct debit in time for January payment … net result? … Me out of pocket and two agencies oblivious that their inadequate and ineffective communication had a negative effect on the customer i.e. me!

The lesson? ….despite the reputation I have of being an obsessional checker … I will obsessionally check even more to make sure things get done that are ‘promised.’

Morale of the story … if you want something doing well do it yourself!!!

Or words to that effect


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FelixGerena said...

What a reality, Trevor. I think this happens because many companies work as terrible bureaucratic engines that work without purpose. People who work in those companies leave responsability in the hands of the "system". Is there something more faceless and souless than the system?

Trevor Gay said...

Well said Felix

I simply don't understand why people in organisations don't take communication with their customers more seriously. There is NOTHING more important.

Communication is probably the reason behind most problems in life - even wars!!!