Friday, February 18, 2011

'Menial' Rules!

Question to all Managers: Have you actually worked on the 'front line' this week - if not why not?

In my new job I’m at last getting back to REAL operational management which means getting my hands dirty. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed it

As Business Development Manager (grand title eh?) I love the new job and doing important jobs like cleaning toilets; cooking meals; making tea for customers and sweeping car parks; THIS STUFF SHOULD BE COMPULSORY FOR ALL MANAGERS.

It’s wonderfully liberating and it sure beats writing those ‘important’ reports in the healthcare business that no one ever reads!

I propose that no manager should be allowed to collect their monthly wage unless they can prove they spent at least 20% of the preceding month actually working on the front line.

There just is no better learning than actually DOING STUFF that all those pretentious, arrogant managers consider ‘menial.’

‘Menial’ rules in my book!


J.KANNAN said...

Hi Treor,

Every day I ensure to work with my front liners so as to make sure, I don't go back wards in my profession. Being the Regional Manager of 1/4 th of India of my organisation i.e Southern India, I directly involve myself in marketing,operations,,customer care,admin & accounts and in the front liners welfare as such for me it is not "MENIAL RULES" but "MEANINGFUL RULES" to fulfill my responsible ROLES with my entire team that majoritly include front liners.

While I agree with your views, I would also like to take the privilege of expressing my opinion that its not only for Managers to apply the rules of working with front liners but also for the Managing(the)Directors & CEO, SVP,VP let there not be any disparity in any organisation as far as the work is concerned in the pure interest,development and growth of the organisation.


Trevor Gay said...

JK my great friend and mentor - Why am I not surprised that you meet so regularly with your front liners? - I would have predicted that just by knowing you Sir! – You ‘get it’

My posting referred to all managers at every level of the organisation - especially CEO and Director level - they need to spend time with front liners more than anyone!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you, Trevor!

There's nothing like the thrill of creating a good experience for the customer, right in front of the customer.

I think a lot of cubicle/office dwellers would find themselves refreshed and remotivated if they had the opportunity to actually serve someone in person.

What could possibly better underline 'we're serious about customer service' than a manager (CEO)who can show "THIS is how we clean a toilet!"?

Congratulations on your promotion to the front line!

Lois Gory

Trevor Gay said...

"Congratulations on your promotion to the front line!"

I love that Lois!!

Sadly, in my experience many CEO's in healthcare wouldn't recognise a front line employees if slapped round the face by one

.... and even sadder they probably haven't seen an actual patient in the last decade or two ......

Trevor Binch said...

Hi Trev, Absolutely spot on mate. Once you move away from the front line, you lose what the company is all about.

Trevor Gay said...

Trevor - You are a perfect example of someone who will NEVER lose touch mate

Why do so manay managers forget something that is so blatantly obvious .. lose credibility with the front liners and you are dead from the neck up.