Sunday, July 04, 2010

My FINAL word on England's World Cup Disaster

I look at the way Germany has developed a young team by blooding youngsters and I’m convinced it’s the only way we can go.

We can learn so much from the fantastic German professionalism. When do we ever hear of player indiscipline and scandals regarding German players like the stuff we constantly read about England players? – Never is my best guess!

It seems to me our players are more interested in the glamour side of football and the spin offs rather than getting their heads down and playing for the team.

There is no ‘hunger’ in our England players it seems to me.

Sir Alex Ferguson always talks about the need for Manchester United players to have hunger. Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville are perfect examples. They have all played at the very top level for Ferguson at United for almost 20 years now and they are still ‘hungry’ despite being in their mid-30’s.

We hear Harry Redknapp on radio yesterday telling us that too many young players today are not prepared to put in the effort to keep ‘up there’ after they get some recognition.

So I come back to my suggestion that we get rid of all the dead wood in the England team – those senior players like Lampard, Gerrard, Terry, Barry, Crouch, Carragher, Heskey and Ashley Cole all have to go - NOW. They are not going to be around in 2018 when we need a top class ‘TOGETHER’ team if we are going to seriously challenge for the World Cup - especially if the tournament is held in this country.

We should keep Wayne Rooney – make him Captain - and also keep Joe Cole who is clearly a committed player. Build the team around those two experienced players and pack the team with keen hungry young players building for 2018.

We can learn an awful lot from the German approach about where we go from here. The evidence is clear – Germany thrashed England and they thrashed Argentina with a bunch of young players who are hungry. They have grown up together and they play for each other – they play with a smile on their faces – clearly they enjoy it.

Sadly the entire England team do not look hungry or happy – they look over fed and lacking in the dedication the Germans exude!


J.KANNAN said...


When you are involved with the world of Foot Ball, you just can't get away with a final word. Take it easy Trevor, Your country can and will perform well and win as well in future World Cup......This is not the last world cup?..................And out 0f 32 only one country can become world Champions and even the second one so let super performers and playing team become that.

Sorry I just don't believe in finding fault with players/captain/coach/Manager/physio etc. etc. Every body has done their best and the result can not be to every one's desire and if that's so this year we should have 32 world champions in foot ball.

My suggestion to players/coach/captain etc etc will be practice hard, do your best earnestly and from the bottom of your heart and accept the results gracefully and happily......being the only option, rather than brooding and worrying about it.

Better luck in the next world cup for all the teams who could not make it to No.1.

Hv a good Sunday and enjoy with your near and dear ones Trevor.

Best Regards.



Trevor Gay said...

Hi JK - great to hear from you.
I so hope that you are right that England can one day win the World Cup.

I am old enough to remember the only time England won it in 1966 – I was 13 years old - and the whole country celebrated – it was unforgettable.

I wish I shared your view that everyone in the England set up did their best – I am not sure all our players did enough.

I agree with you that more practice is needed and more professionalism and team ethic must be shown by England. The German football model is perfect when it comes to meticulous planning and dedication and blooding of young players who can grow into a team.

Hope you are feeling better JK and love to all your family from both Annie and I

Richard Lipscombe said...


I heard an interview with the Germans cliche about how they built this team.

They started 10 years ago. They first decided that the 'way' they played would not win another World Cup. They came up with the new German style we are seeing this World Cup. (It seems this team is ahead of schedule if it wins this time around.)

The Germans stripped their whole program back to the core. Development, youth team selections, national team program, and most importantly they inculcated new attitudes and moulded new behavioural habits. You are on the money Trevor when you suggest England has to do the same.

I disagree with you about Wayne Rooney as Captain or even as the pivotal player for the new team. England should not think players - your cliche should think about a national football program, a new style of football, and how to inject more discipline, purpose, into England Teams. Over the next decade they have to build a winning culture.

England should aim to innovate the game - change the way it is being played. In the process they should prepare their teams so they have a realistic chance to win the World Cup in 2022 - when it is hosted by Australia?


Trevor Gay said...

We think alike on this one Richard - the reason I think Rooney is a pivotal figure is because we need to find a way to capitalise in the national team on his natural passion he shows when he plays for United. Giving him the captaincy will give him responsibility and a leadership/inspirational role for younger players coming in. Rooney still has the hunger – unlike so many of our prima donnas.

Have a great week my friend!

Marilyn Jess, DTM said...

Hi Trevor,

I was on my getaway week when England was eliminated and thought this would be a real downer for you. I see that your post gives your impressions of lessons learned.

My comments are the same as I share with clients when they fall off the wagon--what was the lesson?

I can tell you that few remember who the last champion was, in any arena. The pinnacle of any endeavor is like the peak of Everest--you're there for a brief time, then another, who is as hungry as you were, takes your place.

It's the journey and what you learn on it, toward the pinnacle, that counts I think.

Trevor Gay said...

Great comments thanks Marilyn.
The most frustrating and disappointing thing was the meek way in which England crashed out - there seemed a distinct lack of passion that typifies most English footballers at club level.
We have to rebuild with some positive and inspiring leadership.

Mark JF said...

Trevor, I think your ideas oversimplify the matter and Richard is right to cite the example of Germany. England needs a root and branch reform of soccer, starting with the gutless suits in the FA who lack the courage or the vision to tackle the Premiership clubs who really run soccer in England.

Meantime, on the pitch, if it's all about hunger and attitude then I should be in the team!

Rooney's hunger serves him well in the "kick and rush" game we see in the Premiership but he is much less effective in European competitions and even less effective at national level. I think his attitude is usually terrific and I've really come to admire him over the last 18 months, i.e. since he's started to grow up. But he needs to adapt his game and he needs a bunch of players around him who are like-minded.

As much as I dislike Ashley Cole as a person, I'd keep him for now because he's a very good player. And I'd keep Crouch because he has this habit of scoring goals and I think that's kinda useful in a centre forward. I'd keep Gerrard for now because he knows how to get Rooney going but I agree with you on the others with the addition of Ferdinand whose day has come and gone now.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mark - between you, me and Richard we have the answers it seems, so how about us three making an offer to the FA to take over - we have as many ideas as they do methinks :-)

David Porter said...

Trevor: Sorry to use your blog for this request but have a favor to ask. My wife and daughter fancy living in the UK for a few years and I would like to pick your brain via e-mail. If you are willing, my e-mail is Cheers!

Trevor Gay said...

Will be in touch David - no problem

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