Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apologies for absence :-)

Sincere apologies for being away for a while – work commitments have meant I just have not had enough time to Blog as much as I would like. That in itself is great – we all have bills to pay - and it’s good for my health to be busy. But I genuinely miss making my regular postings on Simplicity Blog. However, I’m back and I will find time in the next few weeks to get back to regular Simplicity postings.


J.KANNAN said...

Nothing to worry Trevor and no need to appologise as "Work is Worship" and "Health is Wealth and you were busy for the past couple of months on these two important aspects and that's indeed Good.

Take Care Trevor and my Regards to you both.


Trevor Gay said...

Hi JK - I love my work and the only regret is that it leaves me too little time to focus on my Blog at times of extreme 'busyness' - Thanks for your support as always.