Saturday, August 09, 2008

Learning about how 'stuff' gets done .....

Well … amazingly enough (to me) I did it. I actually went a whole week without checking my inbox.

That’s not quite true. On my mobile phone I can access gmail and so I was able to read the odd email that was sent to my gmail address but I was disciplined and didn’t reply to any. I never checked my hotmail inbox … and even more surprisingly (to me) I never even glanced at Simplicity Blog.

I’m grateful to my friends David Wike, Dave Wheeler, Richard Lipscombe, John O’Leary, Joel Canfield, and Mark Foscoe. Looks like you guys had an interesting exchange whilst I was away and I hope David Wike fulfilled his promise of buying all the drinks!

Annie and I got home earlier this (Saturday) evening from sunny (not) Harrogate in Yorkshire and so far I’ve only had time to glance at your excellent comments. I want to read them fully, reflect a bit and then reply properly.

By the way we worked intensively for seven days on performing the Australian play 'Cloudstreet' by Tim Winton. I know that Richard is well aware of the work of Tim Winton.

Our week started from scratch as a group of 24 totally unconnected people under the leadership of two directors and two assistant directors building up to a public performance.

It was certainly a terrific learning experience for me. I was well outside my comfort zone. I learned a lot about leadership, front liners and team work.

Our public performance took place on Saturday morning; seven days after 28 people unknown to each other met for the first time. The performance was well received by the audience of approximately 125 people.

It was terrific 'learning by doing.' It reminded me yet again how focus, teamwork and good leadership can produce a 'product' that people seem to enjoy.


    spinhead said...

    That must have been an incredible experience to learn from. I love the entire experience of the stage—I've done almost everything but act!

    I had the joy of directing some Shakespeare many long years ago. Really stretched my people skills to get untrained people to speak the Bard's words as if they were real speech, and not the Holy Pronouncements.

    I'd forgotten what a learning experience it was; thanks for the reminder.

    When does the movie come out? ;)

    Trevor Gay said...

    Hi Joel - it was stressful all week and I was well and truly out of my comfort zone. There was however a feeling of satisfaction once the public performance was over. Annie was brilliant and 100% word perfect – I only screwed up one line so we were well pleased. I think the movie will be out when hell freezes over … but thanks for asking my friend :- )

    Dave Wheeler said...

    Only one line while undergoing extreme keyboard withdrawl? That truly was a fabulous performance!

    Trevor Gay said...

    Thanks Dave - amazingly enough I never missed the keyboard at all!

    spinhead said...

    Are you quoting Don Henley intentionally, or subconsciously?

    Trevor Gay said...

    Hi Joel - a bit of both I guess.

    I think Don's fantastic quote is immortal ...and very significant of course in the history of The Eagles ... Never say never I say!! ...

    Henley is an amazing talent and has an incredible range in his voice … my favourite rock hero ... He always says it as it is.

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