Tuesday, April 10, 2007

7-1 - YES 7-1!!!!

I have been a fan of Manchester United since 1963 and I’ve just finished watching the most magnificent performance I have ever seen from Manchester United.

United beat top Italian team Roma 7-1 in the second leg of the quarter final of the European Champions League.

It was brilliant to watch and now the semi final beckons!!

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Dick Field said...

Congratulations on your mighty win! I did not realize you had Ronaldo - congrats.

Our Colorado Rapids (http://www.coloradorapids.com/Default.aspx)won their season opener against DC United at their brand new stadium, which is, believe it or not, Dick's Sporting Goods Park. Becks is playing there with the LA Galaxy in August and I would love to see it, IF I can get a ticket!

David Wike said...

As I said in my text last night, ‘not bad!’ But as I followed up in my subsequent email, ‘Absolutely stunning. A fabulous, fabulous performance. Ronaldo – well, what can you say – just unbelievable. As good a performance as I have ever seen from any team.’

The only comparable performance that I can think of was Liverpool’s 1988 5-0 defeat of Nottingham Forest. It must be remembered that Forest were a top team then, the second in the land after Liverpool. It was a performance that many considered the best they had ever witnessed. If I have a spare 90 minutes I may re-watch the video that I have of that game, but I suspect that the pace of modern football is such that United’s victory last night would appear the more impressive.

Anyway, as I finished in my email last night, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a match as much – the sheer brilliance made me laugh.

An awestruck Liverpool fan!’

Trevor Gay said...

Dick – I hope you can get the tickets – Becks is still well worth seeing. Many fans in England believe he should still be playing for England and I agree even though he is coming to the end of his fabulous playing career.

David – football is great when Liverpool and United fans can compliment each others teams and it was fabulous to see Liverpool also go through to the semi final last night.

I keep hoping to a Liverpool versus Man United final in Athens – what an occasion that would be!