Thursday, March 23, 2006

Have faith in yourself

At work when you are really struggling and people do not want to buy into your vision and views about something you strongly believe just remember these wonderful words given to me by Tony Benn and taken from a Hymn which I will publish in full later.

Many times in my NHS career I felt no one was listening to my views and I was very much going against the grain. I kept at it and discovering these words now has made me even more convinced that I was right to stick to what I believe in my heart - even if bosses did not agree.

Dare to be a Daniel,
Dare to stand alone,
Dare to have a purpose firm,
Dare to make it known


franc said...

"Daniel"? I don't get that...

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Franc

Daniel is a biblical character who was in the lions den and remained brave against all the odds which the theme of this verse of course.

franc said...

Ahh!! That kind of "Hymm"; Daniel aka "God is my Judge".
Thanks for the explanation: I think I'm too slow today...

Anonymous said...

Good one Trevor.
It reminds me of a German quote (I think it was Friedrich Schiller):
"Der Starke ist am machtigsten allein".
"The strong are the most powerful when they are alone".
There is also a beautiful version in the Fries language:
"Doch dyn plicht en lit de lju mar rabje"
"Do you your duty and just let people talk".

I have always interpreted them in a positive Daniel kind of way.


Trevor Gay said...

Excellent - thanks Frank :-)